Trump As US President


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What are the expectations from Donald Trump as US President and what he promised the world in his Presidential speech is described here.


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Trump As US President:

Trump As US President

Inauguration Speech: Donald Trump Vows to Unseat Establishment:

Inauguration Speech: Donald Trump Vows to Unseat Establishment Donald Trump  was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States, delivering a fiery attack on the  Washington  establishment in which he vowed to return power to the American public and deliver on pledges he made in his campaign . “ Today we are not merely transferring power from one administration to another or from one party to another,” Trump said on Friday in his  inauguration speech . “We are transferring power from  Washington , DC and giving it back to you, the people .” Trump , 70, who has not previously held elected office, took the oath of office at about noon from Chief Justice John Roberts at the US Capitol. In a nod to the populist groundswell that propelled him to the White House, he said he would remake the nation’s political order. Read Full Inauguration Speech Here

Tellis urges Trump to retain Obama's policy towards India:

Tellis urges Trump to retain Obama's policy towards India As President Donald Trump’s administration and policies take shape, Ashley Tellis , whom  Washington Post  identifies as America’s likely next ambassador to New Delhi, has urged America’s new president to continue former Presidents George W Bush and Barack Obama’s policies towards Asia, and India in particular.  Writing in the publication, Asia Policy, Tellis has recommended that Trump should “[take] the existing threats of Pakistan-supported terrorism against India more seriously, [develop] a considered strategy for aiding India in coping with Chinese assertiveness, and [persist] with the existing US policy of eschewing mediation on the thorny Indo-Pakistani dispute over Jammu and Kashmir .” New Delhi is concerned that the Trump administration might back track substantially on Obama’s “rebalance to Asia”, reducing the salience of India in US foreign policy. While campaigning, Trump had indicated he would reduce America’s superpower role of maintaining global order, allow US military intervention only to tackle direct threats to the US homeland, make military allies pick up a larger share of the bill for their own defence and reject multilateral trade pacts like the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a key component of Obama’s economic strategy in Asia.  Read Full News Here

Dollar falls, US stocks end higher after Trump inauguration:

Dollar falls, US stocks end higher after Trump inauguration The  dollar ended down while  US  stock indexes rose in the last day of a choppy trading week, as  investors  reacted to President Donald Trump's inaugural speech . US   stocks  started the day higher but gave up some gains after Trump started speaking. Some  investors  worried about the tone of the former reality TV star's speech and others saw more negativity than optimism in his words . US   Treasury yields fell from 2-1/2-week highs after the speech on concerns fiscal stimulus efforts may be delayed. The dollar, which has lost some momentum in recent weeks, was off 0.3 per cent against six major currencies  Read more about this news here.

US stocks pare gains after Trump's inaugural speech:

US stocks pare gains after Trump's inaugural speech Wall Street pared gains sharply on Friday after  Donald Trump  made his inaugural speech as the 45th president of the United States . " From this day forward it is going to be only America first," Trump said after being sworn in, adding that the U.S. policy will be to buy American and hire American . Trump's campaign promises of tax and regulatory reforms and higher infrastructure spending had driven Wall Street to new highs in a post-election rally . However , the Trump trade had been unraveling in recent weeks as investors waited for more clarity on his plans to boost the economy . " Having listened to Trump's speech, there is a concern about what his trade policies will be," said Jamie Cox, managing partner of Harris Financial Group in Colonial Heights, Richmond, Virginia. Read more about Stock Market News here

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