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News Insourcing Multiplier is currently the world’s leading player in the industry which offers comprehensive global news, lifestyle news and technology news. Visit:


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Insourcing Multiplier:

Insourcing Multiplier For all latest Technology News, News Insourcing & Lifestyle News Updates and Current Affairs

About Us:

About Us Headquartered in Noida , India one of the major industrial cities of India, Insourcing Multiplier has its branch offices in Pune , India and international offices in Vitacura , Chile and London, UK. We have a global presence and deeply rooted ties in the global industries. We have provided resources to organizations all over the globe in industries ranging from Pharmaceuticals, Mining, IT, Oil and Gas, Automotive, Robotics, Education, Government organizations and much more.

Our Team:

Our Team Sumit Peer, Founder & CEO Meghna Peer, Co-founder & CMO

It provides:

It provides Global News International News Top 10 Top Ten International News Forex Calculator Current affairs  Celebrity news Technology news Lifestyle news News insourcing  

Overview of Insourcing multiplier:

Overview of Insourcing multiplier We, at Insourcing Multiplier find it our onus to make sure that our client organizations and industries are provided with correct resources and right direction which leads to tangible benefits and profits. We believe in growth and development of the business of the client and industries will be led and driven by insourcing in the coming century and IPR will be the key to existence in the fast pace economy where technology life cycles are evolving much faster than before. Needless to say faster ROI’S and impeccable IRR will be the need for very business and nobody can look the other way .


Cont… Needless to say faster ROI’S and impeccable IRR will be the need for very business and nobody can look the other way . We also help provide information about the current trends which are prevalent in the market in the recent times. Insourcing multiplier helps you garner the most relevant information that our client and industries demand with a great attention to detail & no ambiguity.