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Reviews of HINT water ☺☺☺ :

Reviews of HINT water ☺☺☺

I am in love:

I am in love I love this water so much, I just subscribed to get it once a month. I'm sort of amused/bewildered at some of the other reviewers claims that the fruit flavor in this water is too mild- the flavor of the blackberry, in particular, is a somewhat strong, almost jam-like taste. It's not overpowering, but I don't think it could be any stronger without negatively affecting the flavor of the water. My guess is that what most reviewers are actually missing in this water is the sweetener- there is NOT even a hint of that- just the taste of fruit and water. This is precisely what I've been looking for FOREVER in a flavored water, as I don't like artificial sweetener but I do sometimes prefer something beyond the plain taste of water. My only possible complaint with this product is that it's ridiculously overpriced. But apparently not so much that I'm not willing to pay it. It's THAT good.


Delicious! This is a great product. We had been drinking Vitamin Water (which we still love) but needed to reduce the amount of sugar. This product does just that without losing the flavor.

This is what I've been looking for!:

This is what I've been looking for! It seems like all I ever drink is water and I know I STILL don't drink enough. It's just so boring after awhile. I've been trying to find a water I would be able to drink more of every day without missing Gatorade. I tried vitamin water but it's made with so much sugar and the zero version has stevia in it which has the WORST aftertaste IMO. I looked into a few different drinks and then I found this. No sugar. Nothing artificial, just water and flavor--actually a bit more than a hint.


Delicious! I have always been a very big vitamin water fan, and recently, I have been trying to switch to drinking more water. Hint water is so refreshing, and the variety pack is great because you can try so many different flavors. This is also a great product for kids who don't drink enough water, but like the flavors of juices.

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I LOVE Hint waters. There are some flavors that are definately better than the others but Watermelon is one of my favorites. It has no artificial sweetners or chemicals. It doesn't have any nasty aftertaste and is so refreshing! I find it hard to drink plain water and with Hint, it gives it just that, a Hint of sweetness and makes it super easy to drink alot of water! How I wish some grocery stores or Club Warehouse stores would carry it!!!!!!!

Great water for non-water drinkers:

Great water for non-water drinkers I'm one of those weird people who has never been able to drink water. I don't like the taste of it, it makes me gag when it's going down, and it just stresses me out even thinking of drinking water. I know, I know, I have issues... Anyway, I'm getting OLDER and realizing that drinking 5 bottles of flavored sugary Snapple is not going to cut it for my daily liquid intake any more. Then our cafeteria at work started stocking this stuff and I thought I'd give it a try. I was IMMEDIATELY hooked. It's just damn good. It's not sickly sweet or overpowering with fake fruity flavor like some of the other flavored waters. It's just the right HINT of flavor. I'm addicted. Now I get regular deliveries to make sure I don't run out.

love this water!:

love this water! I really love Hint and most of the flavors it offers because the water is not sweet -- it really is an "essence" of whatever the flavor is. Unlike some other waters that add corn syrup AND flavoring - this water just adds flavor. Great stuff.

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