what are the symptoms of abdominal migrane


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The name Abdominal Migraine generally suggests some medical conditions related to headache, but in reality, it is different. The disease can primarily found in the children of five to ten pages. The patients with this medical disorder faces or experience pain in the abdominal area and the urge to vomit quite often. The sickness feeling is always present in the victim of abdominal migraine.


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What are the symptoms of Abdominal Migraine

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Gastroenterologists Dr. Ramesh Makam Dr. M S Chandramouli Consultant General Laparoscopic Surgery Dr. G H Raju Senior Consultant – Gastrointestinal Surgery Laparoscopic General Surgery Dr. Shabeer Ahmed Consultant General Surgery Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery Senior Consultant MAS Head - Centre for Ba riatric Metabolic Surg ery

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Introduction The name Abdominal Migraine usually indicates some headache-related medical circumstan cesbutitsdistinctinfact.Theillnesscanbediscoveredmainlyin5-10-pagekids.Patientsfa cing or experiencing pain in the abdominal region with this medical disorder and the urge to vomitquiteoften.Thesenseofillnessisalwayspresentintheabdominalmigrainevictim. Children who have priormedical history in their Migraine family are more likely to getimpac ted by Abdominal Migraineaccording to thegastroenterologistinBangalore. To getthis me dical disorder more often than the boys the changes are high for the girl child. This sort of migrainemaybeginwith pain in thecenteroftheabdomenbut theadultswillbeanrealmi grainepatientwhofeelscontinuousheadacheinthefuture.

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Signs of Abdominal Migraine ✓ Nausea is a feeling where the patient experiences some sort of discomfort in their sto mach. Sometimes the child who is affected by Abdominal Migraine can feel the urge to vomit and empty the stomach completely as the digestive system also get affected by t he medical condition. The sickness can occur with the company of headache abdomin alpainsweatingandchestpain.Propermedicationisamusttocurethedisease. ✓ Loss of appetite can happen for taking certain medicine regarding the Abdominal Migr aine.Inthismedicalconditionpatientexperiencepainandburningsensationintheira bdominalarewhichincludestomachliverpancreassmallintestine.Onceapersonwit h the medical condition consumes food their digestive systems are not able to digestt hefoodcomponentsproperly.Duetothatmanysideeffectsoccurwhich causesadefi ciency ofappetite.

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✓ Abdominal pain is one of the prominent signs that a individual is dealing with Abdo minalMigraineparticularlyakid.Thispainsideeffectsincludescrampandinflamma tionofthecenterpartofthestomachregion. ✓ In a patient with migraine frequent vomiting can be seen. When someone vomits t hey experience frequent contractions in their abdominal muscles. Because of this o neindividualwithAbdominalmigraineencountersintheirstomachwithaburning fe eling. ✓ Decoloration of the skin is also regarded as an Abdominal Migraine symptom. It is p ossibletoprescribethe persondealing with medicaldisorderto takeantibiotics mor phine codeine. The pale skin can be seen in the kids as a consequence of side effect s.

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Conclusion Formanyreasonsabdominalmigrainecanoccursuchasfoodpoisoningthalassemiacir rhosiscoliinfectionhepatitisbotulisme.t.c.Iftreatedearlythis diseasecanbe curedth roughmultiple therapyprocesses.Thecoloroftheskinturnedyellowishmaybevisible when the abdominal migraine takes a severe form of symptoms such as sudden fainting vomitingoutofcontrol. In some outstanding instances it may damage somebodys thoughts and also push them intodepressionwheretheymaythinktheyregoingtoendtheirlives. Thereforeitwillnotbeawisechoice toneglecttheearlysignsofAbdominalMigraine. There are very well known Gastroenterology hospitals in Bangalore who offers treatmen tregardingthismedicalcondition.

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