Why hip and knee replacements are on the rise


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Hip and knee replacements are getting common day by day. The number of surgeries is growing by leaps and bounds. The reason behind this is the reliability factor. People can totally rely on the doctors because they have seen the previous patient’s satisfaction after they got their knee replaced. Doctors say that after the knee replacement in Bangalore people are overwhelmed after the relief they get because of the surgery. They can return to their normal routine.


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Why Hip and Knee Replacements are on Rise

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Reasons for rise on knee replacements

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Introduction PowerPoint Presentation ▪ Replacements of the hip and knee are prevalent every day. ▪ The amount of operations is steadily increasing. ▪ The reliability factor is the reason behind this. ▪ People can depend on their physicians completely because they saw the fulfillment of the prior patient after replacing their knee. ▪ Physicians claim that individuals are overwhelmed after the surgery after knee replacement in bangalore ▪ You can go back to your regular routine. Due to growing success rates knee replacement will be drastically improved in the future. See why substitutes of hips and knees are rising.

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Reasons • Currently individuals always work without physical activity in their offices and on their laptops. • Exercise is very essential to maintain the flexibility and health of your muscles. • This lifestyle leads us to such difficulties. • Our joints become rigid because of no physical exercise and we may need a substitute after some ti me. 1. Sedentary lifestyle

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2.Obesity • In India the rate of obesity is growing with about 4 of the inhabitants of India in obesity prevalence. • The hips and knees are under considerable stress due to obesity and therefore this is one of the main reasons why a individual can go to a hip or knee replacement.

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3.Accidents • In India there are 1214 accidents each day. • Much injury is due to accidents. • Mostly the replacements of knee and hip are seen in people admitted to a crash • The Bangalore knee replacement is caused with a lot of accidents.

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4.Life expectancy Doctors feel patients in Bangalore are encouraged to continue working after knee repla cement and life expectancy is increasing once a human is replaced by his hip or knee. Good health and lengthy life are crucial for positivity.

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5.Success rates • Knee substitution has a very elevated success rate. After seeing patients go and run after replacing their knee people are confident. • They build a sense of confidence and think that all their pain will disappear after the substitute and they can do the same work as they did previously.

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6.More senior citizen population In India nearly 104 million elderly people make up 10 of Indias population. The bulk of the patients coming to Bangalore to replace the knee are elderly people.

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7.Increasing arthritis The swelling of one or more joints in your body is basically arthritis. Typically swelling and pain with age worsen. Arthritis has become very common in India nowadays 180 million individuals are affected by arthritis. Arthritis causes joints to be replaced. Youve finished replacing your knee. You have a recovery time by getting a physiotherapist who makes sure you start walking gradually. Because if you dont the joint can become rigid and then cause a lot of pain.

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There are 2 types of knee surgeries: 1. Partial replacement: only 1 knee gets replaced 2. Full replacement: both the knees get replaced in a single surgery In general individuals like to take the substitute completely because physicians tell you that if you have a issue in one knee your second knee will gradually also emerge. A complete replacement is better at on ce. And get it back at the same moment. Here we can find that knee substitutions for individuals with arthritis are very excellent choices. An many individuals who can go back to their regular lives because of this substitution are being given a fresh life by the growing amount of interventions.

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