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Animation Yogi is an Animated video production company based in Bangalore, India, specialises in Whiteboard animation video, Explainer Video, Infographics video, Animated Marketing Videos, Viral videos, Youtube Video, Motion Graphics video, 2d and 3d animation video, Promotional video etc. Please visit:


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Animation Yogi:

Animation Yogi

Whiteboard Animation Video:

Whiteboard Animation Video Stand Out & Amaze with Whiteboard Animation Whiteboard animation is most certainly an innovative technique, which brilliantly captures videos of drawings while they are being drawn on a whiteboard to elucidate stories and concepts. At Animation Yogi, the process of whiteboard animation begins with the conception of a story, which forms the basis of a storyboard. Your needs are carefully analyzed before conceptualization of the story. Our experts gladly welcome, in fact encourage feedback and suggestions to ensure production of a highly customized whiteboard animation, which satisfies the curiosity of audiences through impeccable drawings. Depending upon your specifications and demands we employ techniques such as time lapse or stop motion to animate imaginative drawings. Present the whiteboard animation produced by us and instantly showcase the identity of your organization, product or brand. Your clients will be absolutely delighted by the sheer ingenuity of the animation. Additionally, you can adroitly introduce, define or explain certain aspects of your business through this type of animation.

Explainer Videos:

Explainer Videos Explain Excellently with Explainer Videos Explainer videos, just as the name suggests are explanatory videos, which comprise animations, text, sound effects and a voiceover track that connects and completes the visual aid. To promote your business, whether it is in its infancy stage or at its peak you should only entrust Bangalore, India based Animation Yogi. Our skilled team of expert animators create a masterpiece in the form of an explainer video. The videos produced by us capture the essence of dynamicity and explain your brand, product or organization adeptly through brilliant eye-catching animation. We merge original animations with original concepts in videos that last up to two minutes. Our videos are concise, precise and comprehensive. We incorporate each piece of information that is essential for your brand’s success hence; you are able to adroitly pitch your business and products. We help you achieve success by consolidating favourable and impressive information in a succinct, creative and highly personalized video, that is easy to share and promote.

Comprehensive Corporate Videos:

Comprehensive Corporate Videos High-Impact Animated Corporate Video Production Capture the essence of your corporate identity and showcase it with exceptional ease. At Animation Yogi, we define your entire brand in a concise, comprehensive, and attractive corporate video, which can dexterously define or redefine your brand. Let your brand's personality shine and garner the attention and business opportunities that you know it is capable of. Our video production team is exceptionally skilled and experienced; hence your brief lays the foundation for the video's concept. We offer creative assistance, scripting and production services keeping your brand's success in mind. Production of corporate videos consists of multiple steps, each of which need to be executed impeccably in order to achieve a video that is worthy enough of being deemed as a masterpiece. After taking into account the highly individualistic needs of your organization and the perceived and desired image of your brand, we engage in pre production, production and post production stages. The end result will captivate your audiences and favorably influence them.

Animated Video:

Animated Video Amaze & Mesmerize With Animated Videos Why plainly inform when you can entertain while you inform? Satisfy the curiosity of your target audience not with text but with attractive videos, which feature special effects, customized characters, CGI, personalized voiceover and audio effects. We conceptualize animated videos based on the storyboard approved by you. Next, we execute your demands in ingenious ways that are absolutely compelling and intriguing. Animation Yogi believes that only thing better than showcasing a customized video for getting your point across in a matter of minutes, is showcasing a customized animated video , which says it all with oodles of creativity. The amalgamation of animation, creativity and our skills know no bounds, which is why we deliver the best and most amazing animated videos tailor made to suit your requirements.

Motion Graphics Video:

Motion Graphics Video Dynamic Motion Graphics Videos A digital technique that combines and captures video, audio, imagery and text in motion is known as motion graphics. Depending upon the message that you need to convey multiple graphics and other elements can be added to create a motion graphics video. These videos are short, tremendously dynamic and possess an essence of fun due to their constantly varying nature. The constant variation is gripping and 100% comprehension is guaranteed because audiences are captivated. At Animation Yogi, we offer customized motion graphics videos, which make use of several elements and require a few seconds to convey strong meanings and messages to your target audiences. You can promote your organization, your brand, goods and services and also a cause using our extraordinary and compelling videos. When needed, our experts incorporate your company’s logo or other symbols, along with relevant material to promote your organization and its identity.

Product Demo Video:

Product Demo Video Demonstrate Skill fully with Product Demo Video Extending customer service in various forms is a great way of retaining existing customers and earning potential ones. In this day and age providing a simple instructional manual is not enough; hence each customer should also receive a product demo video. Through such videos owners of products are able to attain optimum usage, as each functionality and feature is explained in detail. By showcasing a product demo video you can portray exactly how beneficial and effective your product is, and in doing so your market share and consumer base are both expanded. Also, by providing a product demonstration video your organization comes across as credible and transparent, since it becomes evident that you go out of your way to assist your customers. These videos are concise hence within a few minutes prospective clients can be convinced to invest.


Infographics Video Employ Infographics Videos to Stay Ahead Grabbing and retaining the attention of your clients is certainly a challenge. We at Animation Yogi, transform this challenge into an incredibly easy task through our special infographics video. Based on the specific needs of your organization, we merge a series of progressive and relevant images and graphics to convey your message to your clients in a creative, concise and appealing manner. Time plays a vital role in establishing a quick yet long lasting impression and by showcasing infographics videos made by us you can create a favourable impression in a matter of minutes. Replace mundane, ordinary and lengthy textual presentations with our infographics videos, which are highly effective and exceptionally attractive. Regardless of the magnitude of your message, these videos remain short and crisp owing to the skill and brilliance of our infographics video production team. Additionally, we also simplify complex messages using effective graphics and imagery, so that you achieve 100% comprehension during meetings.


Viral Video Attain Instant Popularity with Viral Videos With the advent of viral videos, individuals, organizations and causes have received a new platform to promote and establish themselves almost overnight. Masses spread across the world are exposed to viral videos, which are shared and viewed extensively on social media and other websites. Viral videos are tremendously creative and present novel ideas in a compelling and amusing manner. Videos that fail to go viral do not feature great content, which a prerequisite for every viral video. Only few videos possess the potential to achieve viral status. At Animation Yogi however, we have created a powerful and effective formula to produce viral videos. Now you can achieve and benefit from tremendous fame and success though our viral video solutions. The viral videos produced by us revolve around rich, unique and quality content which is gripping whilst simultaneously conveying meaning. A theme is maintained throughout the video so as to ensure comprehension.


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