Ensure that your wedding wear has Jodhpuri bandhgala


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Read on to know some useful tips about how to plan your wedding clothes! Here’s a pro tip to get you started, definitely include a bandhgala jacket for at least one event.


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Ensure that your wedding wear has Jodhpuri bandhgala jackets :

Ensure that your wedding wear has Jodhpuri bandhgala jackets

Shoes matter:

Shoes matter There is something about a man in a smart pair of shoes that complements his attire that is a big turn on for most women! When you are bound to be the center of a lot of attention, it will help you to wear smart pair of shoes that are not your sneakers. Try some lace- ons or even mojris for that extra bit of sophistication.

Experiment with jewellery :

Experiment with jewellery A wedding is an important part of a journey in a woman’s and a man’s life. And since, most of us plan on doing it only once, it will help that we look the part. Give your dazzling bride some company and put on that necklace or bracelet that your in-laws gifted to you. This is your time to flaunt some bling and not be shunned for it. So , that kantha that your mom got made when you were barely born, do the piece of jewellery and your mom a favour by wearing it at your wedding.

Keep that statement watch handy :

Keep that statement watch handy All eyes will be on you as much as they will be on your bride. So, give them something nice to look at. If not for other people’s sake do it for your partner. A good way to add a little glamour to your outfit is by wearing a good watch. Since, a lot of the ceremonies will require you using your hands, it is bound to get noticed!

Mix it up:

Mix it up Instead of the conventional kurta pajama, why not try something a little bit different. Think on the lines of a smart Jodhpuri bandhgala jacket with a Patiala or even a churidaar !

Smell nice:

Smell nice Weddings will involve a lot of hugging and body contact. So, it is best that you smell nice! Plus, every time your partner leans in to say something in your ears, they’ll have a whiff of the way you smell and that will make them that much happier! Don’t forget to try a lot of different looks at your wedding and experiment with bandhgala jackets , shoes and jewellery !

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