Buy Proxy to Take Advantage of its Long List of Benefits


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Buy Proxy to Take Advantage of its Long List of Benefits

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People who normally use the web always discuss the use of a proxy in order to bypass web filters at work or be able to anonymously browse the internet. But an ordinary internet browser can definitely benefit from using a proxy and there are enough benefits for those who choose to buy a proxy and make its use worthwhile. Proxies were invented not only to bypass filters but to make a web surfer more anonymous. A surfer or user is normally connected to the server directly and the server has the capacity to:

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• Know the external IP which is a piece of information about the user probably not sufficient enough to do identification but can find out the approximate geographical location • Knows the cookies used in the computer which can be deleted later but not every time a website is loaded • Knows the browser being used and what plugins have to be installed and every time a website is visited the browser sends the user agent string that can be used to identify the browser including its version OS version and even installed browser extensions • Knows where the user is coming from since the HTTP referrer is sent out each time one clicks a link. The target site will know the URL or any previous site visited whenever one navigates from one site to another.

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One can try to block cookies UAs and referrers in one’s browser although there are more programs that use HTTP and most of them will not allow anyone to tamper with their settings and this is where the use of proxy comes in. Now that network traffic passes through the proxy it can: • Replace the User Agent string with some meaningless string or strip out the referrers • Accept all cookies without passing them or can block them altogether • Can take over the IP and not disclose own IP • Set up to work system wide so programs won’t be able to bypass it

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Other some extra features include: • Ability to compress traffic to save some bandwidth • Ability to cache files to give little boost to page load times • Ability to strip ads from websites before they reach user’s computer • Ability to block malicious websites • Ability to work as a filter not only against filters

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buy proxy:

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