Fixable Mistakes Committed by Newbie Bloggers


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Fixable Mistakes Committed by Fixable Mistakes Committed by Newbie Bloggers Newbie Bloggers

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Are you planning to start your own blog If yes you start seeking some answers on the question how to make a blog Creating a blog is actually easy and a first-time blogger you should be very thrilled because you’re about to join the rank of bloggers. As you take a deep in the world of blogging you should prepare yourself for the reason that as a beginner you are going to commit mistakes. Do not worry these mistakes can take you on the right path but you can prevent them by avoiding them. It’s that simple To avoid these mistakes here are ways on how you can fix it:

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Mistake 1 Using of Dark Background and Light Text It’s not about the aesthetic of the content but its readability. In general reading online is a lot harder compared to reading in an actual paper. So if you use a dark background and a light colored text you are making it hard for your readers to read your content. Instead of a dark background go for a light background with dark text which is good for the eyes. Mistake 2 The Automatic Loading of Music You should know that auto loading of music is very annoying and surprising for the majority of readers. Aside from that it can also make your blog load slowly. You do not want to lose a reader just because of your loading time right You do not need music if you have quality and informative contents.

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Mistake 3 Accidental Plagiarism of Photos and Content If you are legitimate in purpose you’ll not commit plagiarism in purpose. Although you’re just a beginner blogger you should know that using contents photos videos music and more that are not really yours can instantly shut down your blogging career. Prevent this by understanding the issues with regards to plagiarism and copyright. Mistake 4 Choosing “click here” Over Keyword Phrases for the Links When it comes to blogging using of keyword for your link is greatly advised. So you have to be really careful in choosing your words before you insert a link. You have to ensure that the keyword you’re going to use is popular or widely used for the topic.

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Mistake 5 The Presence of Too Much Sidebar Clutters If you want to attract your readers you must remember that a sleek and uncluttered design can go a long way. Blogs with less clutter have more space that can lead your reader’s eye to the specific blog contents.

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