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Our 50 States:Utah : 

Bennett Hipolite Date : May 5, 2008 Our 50 States:Utah

Symbols of [name of your state] : 

Symbols of [name of your state] The state bird is: California Seagull The state flower is: Sego Lilly The state tree is: Blue Spruce

State Flag : 

State Flag The state flag is blue with a yellow circle in the middle and in the circle there is a eagle and under the eagle there is a beehive and on the left and right of the beehive there is the American flag.

State Nickname : 

State Nickname The state nickname is the beehive state. It’s named the beehive state because it’s very warm in some spots and bee’s can’t live in cold weather so the warm air is perfect for bee’s.

State History : 

State History The first inhabits in Utah were the Anasazi, Navajo, Ute, Paiute, Goshuteand the Shoshone. The first European explorers were Garcia Lopez and Cardenas. The first posted settlement in Utah was in Spanish Fork.

State History, continued : 

State History, continued Utah was not one of the first thirteen colonies. If you lived in Utah back When there was the first thirteen it would be hot humid and you would always be helping your parents in the house or hunting. Before Utah became a state it a young governor that the Mormons selected. Utah became a territory in 1850.

Statehood : 

This state became the 45th state in the United States in 1896 The first Governor of the state was Congress. Statehood

Government : 

Government National Government Utah’s current United States Senators and Representatives are Bennett Roberts and Hatch Orrin. State Government The Governor today in Utah is Jon Hutsman Jr. In Utah there are 29 senators and 75 legislators.

Maps : 


Population : 

Population 1950: 688,862 1960: 890,627 1970: 1,059,273 1980: 1,461,037 1990: 1,722,850 2000: 2,233,169 Over the past fifty years the population has increased a lot.

Economy : 

Economy Chief products of the state include: Beef, cattle, milk, hay, turkeys and sheep. Petroleum, coal, copper, uranium, molybdenum, and gold. Primary metals, non electrical machinery and equipment, stone, clay, glass products, fabricated metals petroleum, coal products.

Averages in Utah : 

Averages in Utah The average high temperature in July is: 92º The average high temperature in January is: 36º The average yearly precipitation is: 21 days

Natural Resources : 

Natural Resources Water Some major water ways in Utah is the Colorado River, the Green river, the San Juan river and the San Rafael river. Toddy is a major mineral in Utah. Toddy is a bunch of minerals mixed together.

Natural Resources, continued : 

Natural Resources, continued Plant Life: The are some plants in Utah like the Blue spruce pine tree and the Sego Lilly and just normal trees. Animal Life: There are a lot of animals in Utah here is just some of them Frogs, Lizards, Eagles, Owls, Fish, Bees, Rabbits, Beavers, Snakes and Turtles.

Place to Visit : 

Place to Visit A great place to visit is the great Salt Lake. It would be a cool place to visit because it’s the only salt lake in the world. Salt Lake city is the capital of Utah.

Famous People : 

Famous People Nolan Kay Bushnell he made the first coin operated video game. Merlin Olsen is a famous football player that lives in Utah. And also John Gilbert which is a actor.

State Motto : 

State Motto The state motto is industry. The pioneers that lived in Utah had few things to rely on so industry means that they had to rely on their own industry.

Works Cited : 

Works Cited For my research I used google.com and a old fashion encyclopedia.

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