Commercial Metal Roof Coatings

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Commercial Metal Roof Coatings

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Managing roofing assets can be a daunting task. It’s hard to know what roof troubles may be around the corner. But what if someone could meet all of your roofing needs?

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At Choice Roof Contractor Group, our members have you covered. Leak detection, repairs, roof coatings, restoration, re-roofing, and new construction – our experts can collectively handle it all. You don’t have to settle for ongoing roofing headaches and recurring, unplanned expenses.

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Top Benefits of Metal Roof Coating Systems:

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Layer of completely seamless roof protection Superior waterproofing for no leaks or water infiltration Metal roof’s life extended for years Roof strongly protected from rusting and other common troubles Excellent for new or old metal roofs Metal roofing’s seams and exposed areas are completely covered Easy and affordable repairs if needed Exceptional protection against strong winds and hail

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You don’t have to settle for making those localized metal roof repairs that add up over time. And you don’t have to turn to a complete metal roof replacement as the default option for when disaster strikes your metal roof. 

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Metal Roof Restoration , the Alternative With a total roof replacement, you have to shut your doors. If you are a business owner, that results in a slowdown in your business operations, which can be quite costly. Localized metal roof repair jobs can be a good stopgap but often do not take care of problems in the long run. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a longer-lasting solution? Conklin offers a big product selection for taking care of your metal roof problems. These roofing products have been carefully engineered to directly address all roofing problems and extend a current metal roof’s life for years to come. They are a simple, affordable, and energy-efficient solution to restoring a metal roof of any size.

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We went with Conklin because of the company’s track record and proven product performance.  Metal roof becomes ENERGY STAR®-certified Metal roof coatings can be categorized as maintenance expenses for tax savings No roof replacement costs, such as roof tear-off, disposal, or heavy roof material volume costs Restored roof reflects up to 85% of the sun’s energy for dramatically lower cooling costs Product performance demonstrated by warranty claims rate of less than 0.5% (source: Building integrity is greatly strengthened Rust is inhibited by top-grade waterproofing properties

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All of our commercial roof contractors have been factory-trained by Conklin for warranted and professional installation of metal roof coatings. 

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Why a White Metal Roof is Best When our professional commercial roof contractors apply Conklin products, they actually leave behind a white roof surface. These “white roofs” have been verified by the US Environmental Protection Agency as “cool roof systems”. Instead of absorbing the sun’s hot rays, this cool roof bounces the rays back into the atmosphere.

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Much of the sun’s heat is therefore kept from spreading across the building below the roof. Then the building stays cool and expends less energy for staying cool.

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Because it is energy-efficient, a cool roof system is a top roofing choice for building owners and architects. Now just imagine what a Conklin metal roof coating system can do for your building’s energy consumption!

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