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The 70/20/10 framework is one of the most popular L&D models used today. Learn how you can incorporate the 70/20/10 framework in your organization. Read More http://www.infoprolearning.com/70-20-10-framework-model-for-learning/


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Breaking Down the 70/20/10 Framework The 70/20/10 framework is one of the most popular  learning and development  models used today. The framework breaks down the major avenues for which a learner acquires new job skills. According to this model, 70% of what an employee learns comes from on-the-job training, 20% from peer learning, and 10% from formal learning. Included in the video is practical advice for how you can incorporate the 70/20/10 framework in your organization, but I have summarized it below for you:


10% Formal Learning Decrease the duration of formal training to a minimum Use Formal learning to provide structured learning in a “fail safe” environment 20% Peer Learning Create incentives within the company that support and encourage collaboration Allow social learning to grow organically 70% On-the-Job Learning Provide a structure for immediate and comprehensive feedback Create relevant information that can be consumed at the moment challenges arise For those that have started incorporating the 70/20/10 framework, you would agree the list above is far from exhaustive, but it is a good guidepost for those that are just starting down this path.


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