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Offers liquid & flooring screed in Peterborough, UK. Provides information on the screeding process and details of the services.


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Liquid Screed Peterborough:

Liquid Screed Peterborough Welcome to C&G Liquid Screed Ltd

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Liquid screed is the advanced flooring solution that offers many additional benefits when compared with traditional sand and cement. Liquid screed is easy to pour, with its free flowing properties allowing for a speedy application and faster drying time. Liquid Screed

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C&G Liquid Screed Ltd is the supplier of liquid and flooring screed for both domestic & commercial building projects in Oxford, Reading, Peterborough, Bristol, Northampton and surrounding areas. Introduction

Benefits of Liquid Screed:

Benefits of Liquid Screed Speed - 100sqm of liquid screed can be laid in less than 45 minutes and ready to walk on within 24/48 hours. Popularity - T his high tech product is growing in demand as under floor heating systems become more popular and the need to reduce our carbon foot print increases. Strength – With no cracking, shrinking or curling the improved strength and durability of liquid screed means it can be laid thinner using less per job and reducing the overall cost.


SUB-FLOOR PREPARATION Floor preparation is the most important factor for ensuring a smooth finish to your floor area. 1). Remove outer Layer 2). Brush the subfloor 3). Installing Edge Strip

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C&G Liquid Screed Ltd 4A Cote Road, Aston Bampton. OX18 2DX Email : [email protected] Tel : 01993 851 106 Website :

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