Easily Transfer Data from Android to iPhone, iPhone 6 Included


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Easily Transfer Data from Android to iPhone , iPhone 6 Included


Introduction Are you the one who is looking to switch your Smartphone from an outdated Android phone to the brand latest iPhone ? Well, that’s good but this is quite difficult situation, as data transfer is quite difficult situation as if it not performed well then your private data gets inaccessible. Some ways are given will help you to move content from Android phone to latest iPhone . Please Note:  The bellow mentioned methods for how to transfer data from Android to iPhone are appropriate to almost any newest Android phones running in Android Lollipop and iPhone running in iOS 8, including iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.


Fastest way: Transfer data from Android to iPhone in single Click that takes less than 10 minutes Transferring data from Android to iPhone is easy only you need to make use of the powerful Android to iPhone transfer tool Wondershare MobileGo , this is the best tool that help you to transfer contacts, photos, videos, photos and music from Android to iPhone 6 (Plus) with single click. This is the world’s first data transfer application that support messages transferring from Android to iPhone 6 (Plus), this also supports data transferring from HTC, Samsung, Motorols and many more to iPhone 6/6 Plus /5s/5c/5/4S/4/3GS that run iOS 5/6/7/8.


Be aware: Contacts in account: Wondershare MobileGo help to transfer contacts of all account supported by android device such as Twitter, Facebook , Google etc. Therefore it is necessary to confirm that whether you want to transfer contacts in the accounts or not. So if you want to transfer contacts then kindly sign in the account of your Android device. 2. One-click Backup and Restore:  This is applicable when you only have one phone. Just then create backup of your data on Android phone to computer and restore to your iPhone 6 (Plus) whenever it is needed. Two Steps to Transfer Data from Android to iPhone 6 (Plus) in Single Click


Step 1: Run the Android to iPhone Data Transfer Tool To transfer data first you need to download and run the Android to iPhone data transfer tool on your PC or laptop and then click to log into Wondershare passport, you can use any accounts from Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook or YouTube to login. In case you are not having any account on the given services then it requires getting register on Wondershare Passport. Then connect both devices i.e. Android phone and your iPhone with the system via USB cables.


Step 2: Choose Phone to Phone Transfer feature Then from the main window, click  Super Tookit  . Browse to the Advanced Section and click  Phone Trannsfer . Next, select the  Phone to Phone Transfer  mode. Step 3: Transfer SMS, Contacts, Calendar, Photos, Video and Music from Android to iPhone 6 (Plus) The entire contents that can be transferred are listed in the center of the window. Then check the contents that are needed to transfer and click  Start Copy . During the transferring process, never disconnect either device.


2.1 Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone (It will take at least 10 minutes) In this process it requires to save all the contact on the Android SD card and then upload that saved contact to your account like Google, Yahoo!, iCloud , and after it sync to your iPhone 6 (Plus).


Step 1: Open the contacts on Android phone and then tap the button on the left of the home button to show the menu list. Choose Import/Export .


Step 2: Select Export to USB Storage  > OK  for saving the contact list to android SD card. After that connect Android phone with your PC through USB cable and then copy the vCard file to your computer.


Step 3: Open Gmail on your computer. And click  Gmail  > click Contacts  to show the contact control panel. Click  More  >  Import… . > click Choose File  to select the vCard file you have saved in steps 2 to import it.


Step 4 : From your iPhone , click  Settings >  Mail, Contacts, Calendars  >  Add Account…  >  Google . Log in with your Gmail account and click Next  to finish the setup. Turn on Contacts. Then, contacts will be synced to your iPhone .


Transferring data from one device is quite difficult but when it comes to transfer data from android to iPhone than it is the toughest part as there is a fear of data loss, so we hope that in this presentation you get the ample information about how to transfer data from android to iPhone . Make use of the Wondershare MobileGo Software this is the best tool that help to transfer data easily without having the fear of data loss.


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