3 Reasons Why Your Exterior Paint Job Failed

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Most home owners understand the difference a professional paint job make with the overall aesthetics and quality but in case of DIYer there are certain reasons that their job is failed as an exterior painter


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3 Reasons Why Your Exterior Paint Job Failed:

3 Reasons Why Your Exterior Paint Job Failed


Introduction Most home owners understand the difference a professional paint job make with the overall aesthetics and quality. However, if you’re a diligent DIYer and have done many of your home improvement and remodelling jobs on your own in the past, it is natural to be tempted to paint your exterior by yourself. Unfortunately, a DIY exterior paint job doesn’t turn out to be a rewarding experience for every home owner. Many DIY painters make mistakes that ruin not only their DIY experience but the outcomes. If you incurred a failed DIY exterior paint job lately, here are the possible reasons why it might have happened.

Lack of Preparation :

Lack of Preparation Poorly prepped or not-prepped-at-all surfaces are one the common causes of failed paint jobs. Surface preparation is an inevitable step in the process of exterior painting that not only contributes about 80% towards the final paint output but add quality and years to an exterior paint job. Good surface preparation includes: Pressure washing to remove dirt, dust, oils and chalk deposits. Scrapping off peeling or cracked paint. Sanding the edges of scraped areas. Caulking, masking and priming surfaces.

Poor Quality Materials :

Poor Quality Materials A DIY paint job is a way for many to save money that goes into hiring a professional painter in the first place. While it makes sense to paint your exterior by yourself if you have the adequate skill and knowledge in the area, it would be a bad idea to skimp on products required to finish the job. Premium paint, primer, plaster and coatings might usually be expensive but go a long way to ensure quality, longevity and protection. Investing a few extra dollars in quality products initially can save you a lot of money and hassle in the future.

Unfavourable Weather :

Unfavourable Weather Even if you are enjoying the pleasant weather in your city, your paint might not react the same way to the climate. Fluctuating temperatures, direct sunlight, humidity, and rains can interfere with the drying and curing process and affect the durability of the exterior paint. Make sure to not only choose the right time to paint your exteriors but high-quality materials for maximum protection from adverse weather conditions.

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