Note Taking and Study Skills

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Note Taking and Study Skills:

Note Taking and Study Skills

Study Guides:

Study Guides Not to study off of but it guides you what topics to study

Listening :

Listening Concentrate on your teacher Tune out noise and talking Listen for main ideas Focus on the 5W’s & 1H: Who? What? Where? When? Why? How? Listen 80% and write 20% of the time

Taking Notes:

Taking Notes Don’t write everything down Record main ideas and supporting facts Use your own words Keep your notes organized


Remembering Review your notes Highlight important notes or add explanations Apply what you're learning ASAP Study with a friend; answer each other’s questions Study more regularly for shorter periods of time. This works better than one long cram session


Workplace If possible, find your own quiet space to study Keep your workplace clean and uncluttered Make sure you have good lighting, a straight chair, and fresh air Quiet background music may help to keep you focused