4.64ct GIA Certified Unheated Sapphire

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Select unique 4.64ct GIA Certified Unheated Sapphire from our collection. We have a wide collection of top rated GIA Sapphire Gemstones. Our gemstones are available in all sizes and weight. For more details visit at https://skyjems.ca/collections/certified-gemstones/products/gias8013


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4.64ct GIA Certified Unheated Sapphire This is a stunning GIA Certified Unheated Sapphire The GIA report reads as follows: GIA Report Number: 1192229514 Shape: Cushion Cutting Style Crown: Modified Brilliant Cut Cutting Style Pavillion: Step Cut Transparency: Transparent Color: Violetish Blue Species: Natural Corundum Variety: Natural Sapphire Geographic Origin: Not Requested Treatment: No Indications of Heating Item Description: One Loose Stone Weight: 4.64 carats Measurements: 10.17 x 8.42 x 5.98 mm Comments: None Internal notes and additional description: Weight: 4.64cts Clarity: Very Very Slightly Included Eye Clean Some Inclusions Visible Under 10x Magnification Colour: Violetish Blue Treatment: None Origin: Sri Lanka

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This GIA Sapphire Gemstones has not been treated with heat or any other method. Most Sapphire has been heat treated to improve colour and clarity sapphire is assumed to be heat treated unless certified otherwise. There is a premium on the price of unheated gems. Internal SKU: GIAS8013 Please quote SKU if you have any questions about this gem.

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Shop Stunning GIA Certified Unheated Sapphire Enjoy this Incridible collection of GIA Certified Gemstones at wholesale price. This is a natural sapphire come with beautiful color and perfrct clarity. Get this gorgeous sapphire online. Muzo Mine/Skyjems Muzo Mine/Skyjems 27 Queen St. East 701 Toronto ON M5C 2M6 Canada Website: https://skyjems.ca/ Phone Number: 647-436-7733 E-mail: webmasterskyjems.ca

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