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Andrea Barsella Giulia Coniglio Stefano Tancredi Luca Virgilio Share the spirit People Management Prof. Alessandro Hinna





Competitive Business Strategy:

Competitive Business Strategy

HR Strategy:

HR Strategy The Contingency Approach : It match HR practices with the competitive business strategy I t combines two dimension: The type of competitive business strategy one has (Cost Leadership) The type of labor orientation one has: INTERNAL LABOUR ORIENTATION THE LOYAL SOLDIER STRATEGY

The Competitive Advantages:

The Competitive Advantages

Cost Structure:

Cost Structure

Efficiency & Turnaround:

Efficiency & Turnaround How to Maintain…

Southwest Culture:

Southwest Culture Culture : “ the development, improvement, and refinement of the originality, individuality, identity and personality of a given people ”


Leadership Kelleher based his leadership on values. Ideals are shared and internalized, the leader ’ s values are an example for all the employees Influence the organization ’ s ability to achieve its objectives Employees tend to treat customers in the same way managers treat them TRIPLE CROWN AWARD

Recruitment :

Recruitment Recruiting Strategy : BROAD SCOPE  Southwest seek to keep employees for longer periods, but the employees do not need specialized skills to succeed but motivation/values makes the difference Internal Recruiting : INTERNAL SOURCING  Southwest seek to fill job openings with people who are already working for the organization

Recruitment :


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Relationship type Talent Type

Selection Process & Training:

Selection Process & Training Relationship type Talent Type BENEFITS: Reduction in the recruitment, selection and training expenses Reducing the likelihood that employee will move to other company Organizational citizenship Hire young people rather than top managers Peer Recruiting

Selection Process & Training:

Selection Process & Training

Human Resources Management Policies:

Human Resources Management Policies

Human Resources Management Policies:

Human Resources Management Policies


Training SWA wants to invest in Organizational Citizenship

Training Activities:

Training Activities Training Hours in Southwest


The annual Base Salary for the new entry level position in Southwest is less than $ 35 000 Compensation

Working Environment:

Working Environment MOTIVATION


Motivation Creativity “ Freedoms ” SW as Family Positive Brand Image The strenght of SWA is in the ability to satisfy the Higher Needs The Other Needs are satisfied enough


Competitive Advantage For competitors it’s easy to copy single activity and procedures, but is more difficult identify all modus operandi SOUTHWEST EFFECT Conclusion

Thanks for your attention:

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