Chocolate Cake Recipe

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How to make Chocolate cake:

How to make Chocolate cake:


Who doesn’t love these little sugary treats? Dipped in rich and luscious flavor complementing the perfect moistness of bread - giving us an excuse to celebrate every little achievement! Yes, you guessed it right! It’s everyone’s favorite dessert – Cake! This particular sweet dish is the universal definition of 'something sweet’. Yes, unlike other desserts - this sweet dish leaves room for a lot of variation - From a simple chocolate cake to chocolate truffle cake or even eggless chocolate cake.


But, how to make a chocolate cake? Well, no worries! This recipe of the classic, rich Chocolate Cake by our BBChef Sonali Jadhwar is a great option when you want something sweet. This classic chocolate cake is exactly what you need to celebrate, or well just to eat! To prepare this delicacy, you need 20 minutes. And for the next step, i.e baking the cake, that requires 5 mins. The quantity of the ingredients will serve a gathering of 8 people. The handwork makes the aroma of that perfectly cooked dish all the sweeter and delicious. After all, the best part about being human is to be able to relish yummy food. So, try this easy Chocolate Recipe at home and make the coming occasion all the more happening, while earning appreciations for your amazing culinary skills

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