Top 7 Online Business Reputation Management Tips


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Managing your online business reputation is always an ongoing process for your long term business growth. One just needs to know the right thing to do in the right situation and invest logically in Online Reputation Management services. These 7 tips can be of great help in this context.


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Google Search for Business/Brand Name:

Google Search for Business/Brand Name Check your mentions in search results Track your Online Reputation Find what they are saying about you Tip #1

Respond to Customer Reviews:

Respond to Customer Reviews Respond Quickly but politely to negative reviews Address Criticism Don’t get into online arguments Accept if something went wrong Don't be on the defensive front completely Thank your customers for posting positive reviews Ask your happy customers to post positive reviews wherever possible Tip #2

Create a Solid Online Web Presence:

Create a Solid Online Web Presence Buy your domain name Add your business listings Create social media profiles and claim them Link your profiles to your website Tip #3

Develop & Distribute Great Content:

Develop & Distribute Great Content Use keyword optimized content on your website. Make catchy titles and headings Add good images and optimize them Offer valuable information, fresh content Blogs, Articles, guest posts and press releases Tip #4

Get Social:

Get Social Be consistently active on social media sites like G+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Foursquare, Tumblr etc. Monitor your social media accounts regularly Customize URls with your Brand/Business name Tip #5

Build Credibility:

Build Credibility Be honest & Look involved Build your personal and professional networks Think before you speak online Add customer reviews, testimonials, portfolio to your website. If you don't have testimonials, make an effort to collect them in future. Give your clients a feeling of security. Tip #6

Invest if Necessary:

Invest if Necessary If your company is suffering from serious damage, take immediate steps. Hire professional services for reputation damage repair Talk to experts and effectively manage your online reputation Invest some time & money Tip #7