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ITIL ITILFND ITIL Foundation syllabus 2011

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Question: 1 Which of the following is NOT an objective of request fulfillment A. To provide information to users about what services are available and how to request them B. To update the service catalogue with services that may be requested through the service desk C. To provide a channel for users to request and receive standard services D. To source and deliver the components of standard services that have been requested Answer: B Question: 2 Which of the following is service transition planning and support NOT responsible for A. Prioritizing conflicts for service transition resources B. Coordinating the efforts required to manage multiple simultaneous transitions C. Maintaining policies standards and models for service transition activities and processes D. Detailed planning of the build and test of individual changes Answer: D Question: 3 Which statement about the service portfolio is TRUE A. The service portfolio includes all services except those managed by third parties B. It is an integral part of the service catalogue C. It allows the organization unlimited resources when planning for new service deployments D. It represents all resources presently engaged or being released in various stages of the service lifecycle Answer: D Question: 4 Which one of the following is an objective of release and deployment management A. To standardize methods and procedures used for efficient and prompt handling of all changes

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B. To ensure all changes to service assets and configuration items CIs are recorded in the configuration management system CMS C. To ensure that the overall business risk of change is optimized D. To define and agree release and deployment plans with customers and stakeholders Answer: D Question: 5 Which one of the following is the BEST definition of reliability A. The availability of a service or component B. The level of risk that affects a service or process C. How long a service or configuration item CI can perform its function without failing D. How quickly a service or component can be restored to normal working order Answer: C Question: 6 Which process has the following objective Produce service design packages SDPs based on service charters and change requests A. Service transition planning and support B. Design coordination C. Service level management D. Change management Answer: B Question: 7 Which process would you MOST expect to be involved in the management of underpinning contracts A. Change management B. Service catalogue management C. Supplier management D. Release and deployment management Answer: C

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Question: 8 What are the categories of events described in the ITIL service operation book A. Informational scheduled normal B. Scheduled unscheduled emergency C. Informational warning exception D. Warning reactive proactive Answer: C Question: 9 Which two elements of financial management for IT services are mandatory A. Budgeting and charging B. Accounting and charging C. Budgeting and accounting D. Costing and charging Answer: C Question: 10 Which process includes business service and component sub-processes A. Capacity management B. Incident management C. Service level management D. Financial management Answer: A Furthermore visit: ITILFND Exam Study Material