Holi-Themed Sangeet Celebration! And Here’s How You Can Plan Yours…

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Trend Alert: Holi-Themed Sangeet Celebration! And Here’s How You Can Plan Yours…:

Trend Alert: Holi -Themed Sangeet Celebration! And Here’s How You Can Plan Yours …


Introduction At a Sangeet event, if we were to tell you that love’s in the air, you’d believe us. But what if we enlivened the atmosphere with myriad hues that filled the sky with their vibrancy and your heart with joy? Yes, we’re talking about a Holi -themed Sangeet ! Holi has always been referred to as the Indian festival of colours. But in the postmodern context, every occasion is an opportunity to celebrate the different shades of life. So, as a couple is about to embark on a spectacular journey together, why not incorporate the vigour and splendour of the Holi festival in the Sangeet event and add to the merrymaking ?

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Of late, many millennial couples have been flagging off their wedding festivities by organizing an upbeat Holi -themed Sangeet celebration. And with the help of your wedding planner , you can plan your Holi -themed Sangeet , too! Here’s how:

Make a Grand Entry with Smoke Bombs!:

Make a Grand Entry with Smoke Bombs ! Nothing beats the fun and zest of starting your Holi -themed Sangeet by firing off a host of colours from these smoke emanating sticks. The bride and the groom could make their entries by firing off smoke bombs as they arrive at the location in open cars. This could actually indicate the beginning of a fun-filled and crazy Holi Sangeet evening ahead! After the bride and groom mark their grand appearance, these smoke bombs (emanating different colours) may be handed over to the guests to spread the joy!

Fun at the Beach: Organize a Holi-Themed Beach Sangeet:

Fun at the Beach: Organize a Holi -Themed Beach Sangeet Nothing beats the fun and vigour of celebrating Holi by the sea! And the vibrant Holi colours, together with the scenic elegance of sunset by the beach, is heaven in itself. For the best results, earmark the most peaceful coastal region in your city or town, so that your guests can spend undisturbed time celebrating your Holi -themed beach Sangeet . However, before organizing your event, make sure to take the necessary permissions from the concerned authorities well in advance. Top wedding planning companies in Mumbai and other prominent cities typically take the responsibility of coordinating with the authorities and seeking the required permissions .

Eco-Friendly Colours: A Step Towards a Sustainable Life:

Eco-Friendly Colours: A Step Towards a Sustainable Life While Holi is one of the most enjoyable and cherished Indian festivals, it can also cause pollution and accumulation of non-biodegradable waste if proper care is not taken. Moreover, Holi colours made of artificial components can cause skin ailments. Using eco-friendly colours is certainly an important step to ensure a pollution-free environment and avoid skin problems. It’s also a good idea to avoid using plastic water-balloons and pichkaaris and instead opt for different vibrant eco-friendly colours.

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Also, set up dustbins all around the place so all the waste can be disposed off through the right channels instead of being thrown into the sea or littering the milieu. And if you’re not too comfy messing with Holi colours, there are other cool alternatives to the quintessential Holi , too! This brings us to Phoolon Wali Holi …

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