6 Unique Ways to Add a Personal Touch to Your Wedding Props and Ceremo

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6 Unique Ways to Add a Personal Touch to Your Wedding Props and Ceremonies As the wedding bells sound and the bride and groom rejoice in their decision to spend the rest of their lives together the evening reverberates with ecstasy and good vibes. The couple’s well-wishers celebrate the joyous occasion and guests join in and add to the fun and enthusiasm. But…hang on. A typical wedding also consists of a hundred rituals and ceremonies and several arrangements to be taken care of. But even amidst all the hustle and bustle surrounding the wedding what matters the most is whether we remember to cherish and celebrate the couple’s reunion. That’s where the prospect of adding a personal touch to your wedding comes in. Personalized wedding décor and props are

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the latest wedding trends in India and across the globe owing to the fact that these act as constant reminders to the guests to rejoice about the significance of the event rather than being too engrossed in the rituals and customs. So let’s take a look at some classy and unique ways in which you can personalize your wedding with the help of your wedding planner. 1. Your Monogram on the Wedding Props There’s nothing more symbolic than the couple’s initials embroidered or embossed on different props at the wedding venue. The best part is that these initials in the form of monograms can be very easily incorporated into your wedding theme and they also enhance the overall décor of your wedding venue in their own little ways. You could have your monogram embroidered on napkins or over pillow cases covering the pillows that line the couches of the venue. At the cocktail party the guests can clink wine-glasses containing the couple’s initials or stir their drinks with personalized stirrers containing the couple’s monograms You could coordinate with your wedding organizer providing wedding planning services and come up with quirky ideas to incorporate your monogram at different places and props in the wedding venue. 2. The Grand Entry: Personalizing the Venue Entrance Another trending wedding customization idea is to have a personalized doorway for your guests to admire as they enter the venue. Besides obviously mentioning the couple’s names

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you could have some pictures depicting the couple’s candid moments cute pictures capturing the funny moments texts containing a captivating rendition of the couple’s love story – just go ahead and let the creative juices flow 3. YourPersonalizedWeddingHashtag The best wedding planners know that online platforms are great avenues to reach out to all the wedding attendees and prepare a repository of memories And creating a personalized wedding hashtag ensures that your relatives and friends from across the world can easily access your wedding pictures videos boomerangs etc. on social media platforms. Moreover they can also contribute to the database by simply incorporating the hashtag in their wedding-related posts. Your hashtags can either consist merely of the names of the bride and the groom or anything funny or quirky which is exclusive to your wedding. Moreover you can also mention this hashtag at various spots within the wedding venue: on handkerchiefs and cutlery as signboards and vignettes drink-stirrers and wine-glasses – take your pick 4. Wear it on Your Sleeve: Personalized Outfits Yes that’s the latest trend The bride and the groom can personalize their wedding outfits and add to the charm and elegance of their wedding attires. You can add any element of customization that you like including personalized cufflinks and embroidered initials for the bridegroom and super-cool

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personalized latkans and personalized embroideries on the sleeves chunni or sari when it comes to the bridal outfit. Or something even as simple as a personalized blouse with the couple’s initials or wedding date on the sleeves can add a subtle personalization to the bride’s outfit without going OTT. These personalized ensembles can also be further enhanced with customized accessories such as bracelets and chains with the initials or names of the bride and groom. 5. ‘Centre’ of Attention: Personalized Centrepieces You could embellish your wedding venue with out-of-the-box personalized centrepieces that are sure to attract your guests’ attention. These could include rustic lanterns with pictures of the bride and groom on their exteriors personalized candles and flower vases or even simple wall hangings and framed photographs with some adorable messages on the photo-frames. You could discuss with your wedding planner and set up these centrepieces at your wedding venue in a way that subtly adds to the brilliance of the décor. 6. Personalized Favours For Your Guests Wedding favours are precious mementos your guests can take back with them. A favour also acts as a mark of gratitude from the couple to the guests for having attended the wedding. And that’s why treading the extra mile and personalizing your wedding favours can enhance its significance. There are several creative ideas you could leverage while zeroing in on suitable

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wedding favours for your guests. The best wedding planners typically help couples customize their wedding favours with a touch of personal flavours added to them Personalized scented candles with your initials inscribed in the wax makes for a wonderful return gift. Colourful personalized cookies or macaroons with the couple’s names or initials over them make for deliciously appealing favours for your guests to savour. Customized coffee-mugs and champagne flutes not only act as precious showpieces but can also come in practically handy. Personalized matchboxes and maracas have also marked their appearance as increasingly popular wedding favours. Adding a personal touch to your wedding props and elements can help your guests feel more at home and also bring about a very unique and welcoming vibe to the wedding venue. As part of their wedding planning services premier Indian wedding planners can help you personalize your wedding venue from scratch and create a welcoming and visually appealing milieu for your guests. So which of these wedding personalization ideas will you leverage for your wedding

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