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UIW - Mobility, Productivity and Creativity: Engaging Students and Faculty for Value- Added Performance


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Mobility, Productivity and Creativity: Engaging Students and Faculty for Value- Added Performance:

Ana Gonzalez, M.Ed. Director, Instructional Technology Pat LeMay Burr, Ph.D. Apple Distinguished Educator University of The Incarnate Word San Antonio, TX Mobility, Productivity and Creativity: Engaging Students and Faculty for Value- Added Performance


Discussion 2 Introduction to UIW Mobility Start-Up Evaluation & Improvement Major Advancements—Limited Budget Unanticipated Feats Where we are: Today and Tomorrow Conclusion

Introduction to UIW :

Introduction to UIW 3 Founded in 1881 by the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word Urban, Hispanic Serving Institution (Title V eligible) Fourth largest private university The largest Catholic university in Texas Fall 2013 Total enrollments: 7,451 Mid 1990’s enrolment was just over 2,800

Mobility Start-UP:

Mobility Start-UP 4 25 iPad 1 issued – May 2010 MBA Initiative – Graduate International Business Class Core Course – 8 Week Term Funding – Internal Allocation Device Rotation, Collection, Reset

Mobility Start-up:

Mobility Start-up 5 Learning Goals Productivity Mobility Creativity

Mobility Start-UP:

Mobility Start-UP 6 Focus in MBA Program QuickOffice Dropbox ShowMe iPad Presntation skills QR Code Production/Scan Showcased iMovie on iPad

Mobility Start-UP:

Mobility Start-UP 7 Tech Staff Deployment & Orientation Setup email Setup Apple ID Setup Wireless Access Contract Forms iPad is undamaged Agree to assume the cost if the iPad is damaged, lost or stolen The form signed and stored electronically – Right Signature iPad App

Mobility Start-UP:

Mobility Start-UP 8 Ensure WIFI Connection Help Desk on Saturdays Dropped Signal Help

Evaluation & Improvement:

Evaluation & Improvement 9 Detected Extreme Signal on West Side Discovered Gaming Network in Dorm next to Classroom Shut Down Gaming Network New Access Points Added

Evaluation & Improvement:

Evaluation & Improvement 10 Infrastructure Enhancements Electricity Strips in test classroom New audiovisual console Blackout Shades and Blinds Sound system upgrade Mobility of group formation with individual desk tables SUCCESS!!!

Evaluation & Improvement:

Evaluation & Improvement 11 Students option for purchase through Financial Aid Unsold were returned and reused Upgrade to iPad 2 – May 2011 Granted remaining iPad 1 – May 2011 Call for Proposals from Faculty Review Panel Common Sense Awards Stipulations Required – Use for teaching and learning. Present to colleagues

Evaluation & Improvement:

Evaluation & Improvement 12 iPad User Group Launched 100+ faculty and staff attend Lunch hosted Peer presentations Networking, fun and learning Positive feedback

Evaluation & Improvement:

Evaluation & Improvement 13 Tech Fair Launched Vendor Supported Demos Student/Faculty Presentations

Major Advancements—Limited Budget:

Major Advancements—Limited Budget 14 Title V – iPads for Writing MIS – 25 iPads added Spring 2013 iPad Appolooza

Unanticipated Feats :

Unanticipated Feats 15 iPad Development Class in MIS 100 new iPads Fall 2013 via Mobile Initiative Program 50K in grant money Call for proposals 6 Faculty awarded iPads to be used with students iPads for the 6 classes awarded (check out for semester) Summer Technology Institute—Incentive $500 for technology related purchases

Unanticipated feats:

Unanticipated feats 16 Apple TV Wireless Connectivity in Classroom Pilot Spring/Summer 2013 What we learned: Network security issues Protocol issues Apple TV and Network Residential product used in enterprise environment Placed Apple TV device on an independent wireless network Broadcasted signal Mirroring only works with iPad 2 or higher w I OS 4 or higher Location and security of Apple TV device Analog to Digital projector upgrade w HDMI (HDCP Compliant)

PowerPoint Presentation:

HDMI 2 HDMI 1 Switches Projector Between HDMI 1 & 2 Controls Devices Our pilot solution

Unanticipated Feats :

Unanticipated Feats 18 Dr . Pat LeMay Burr Ph.D. – Apple Distinguished Educator Apple Distinguished Educators (ADEs) are part of a global community of education leaders recognized for doing amazing things with Apple technology in and out of the classroom. They explore new ideas, seek new paths, and embrace new opportunities. That includes working with each other — and with Apple — to bring the freshest, most innovative ideas to students everywhere. Video Submission

Where we are:

Where we are 19 Digital Media Summer Class overloaded. Waiting list. Students want in! Students applying to Geekdom Camp sponsored by Rackspace to propose their own app and digital media company-building ideas to be funded. MBA students increasingly using apps in their organizations and wanting to demonstrate that “how to” in class. (Students are mid-thirties, mostly.) More varied faculty across the curriculum will be embedding iPads into classes during Fall 2013 classes forward. Student volunteers assisting community center to launch iPad User Group among senior citizens.


Conclusion 20 iPad integration within classroom is quick and intuitive Students benefit from ease of use and for most apps the learning curve is short, allowing them to maximize the in-class benefits iPads help faculty make their course engaging Students want career-relevant learning with iPad Best to have a teaching and learning PLAN. Implement iPad with a purpose Productivity, Mobility and Creativity Assess based upon the PLAN Grade iPad activities Balance digital media with content of class (Content use vs. iPad use) Increased student purchase of current iPad Gradual expansion vs. explosive expansion is serious issue!


Questions? 21 Thank You Ana Gonzalez [email protected] Dr. Pat LeMay Burr [email protected]