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It´s cold and raining in hong kong now It´s freezing and snowing in moscow now it´s cold and cloudy in new york now It´s hot and sunny in rio de janeiro now It´s cold and windy in sydney now It´s very hot and sunny in my city Shorts Skirts cap Jean Shorts dresses Jacket Scarf gloves Boots Pants umbrella Hot and sunny It´s cold and cloudy It´s very hot and sunny It´s cold and raining

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should should Shouldn´t Shouldn´t should What clothes should i pack? You should pack lots of Long pants, boots and gloves.. What about skirts? You shouldn´t pack skirts . You should take long pants . i´m going to Tokyo in june. What clothes should i pack? You should pack long boots, jackets… Sandals ? We sometimes wear them. You should take tenis. venezuela what should i pack? You should pack shorts, skirts, sandals, dresses… What about jackets ? You shouldn´t pack jackets. It´s to hot here. You should take t- shirts Okay. Thanks for your advice .

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c h g f d a b e It´s really cold today. But It's very sunny. Should i wear a dress to the party? Or should i wear pants? Kevin likes dogs. So he doesn´t likes cats. We have a test tomorrow. So i´m studying this afternoon . My computer is old. But i really like it. We can hace fish for dinner. Or we can have chicken. It´s raining today. So we´re satying at home . So i have to focus a lot But i can´t pronoun . Play with my friends. Or go out with my cousins . Music. So i listen it. To do homework, but i can´t ..

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get buy check rent take show Theirs hes yours our hers unpack It belongs to eduardo. It belongs to him. It´s hes . It belongs to maya. It belongs to her. It´s hers. It belongs to shaun and jamaica. It belongs to them. It´s theirs. go pack

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Because is sunny all the year . But it´s sometimes cold in winter . April and may

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should should Shouldn´t should should

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