Gilgamesh & Ancient Mesopotamia

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Gilgamesh & Ancient Mesopotamia :

Gilgamesh & Ancient Mesopotamia

Before we begin our travel to an Ancient society...:

Before we begin our travel to an Ancient society... We must turn on 21 st century technology : phones, tablets, and laptops! Login into Room : chavez7195

Online Short Response:

Online Short Response What types of forces or people shape our 21st-century lives? Who gets to decide what rules we must follow in our society? Who decides what is a good action and what is a bad action? Name some forces or people and describe their power.



Ancient Mesopotamia:

Ancient Mesopotamia Why may it be important for us to look at where our story will take place? Located in modern day Iraq. Mesopotamia means between two rivers (the Tigris and Euphrates) Image of Ancient Mesopotamia take from Mr.Dowling’s Ancient History Website

Gilgamesh in Ancient Mesopotamia:

Gilgamesh in Ancient Mesopotamia Specifically, our story was written & takes place around 2500 BC. This is during Mesopotamians' Bronze age (3300 BC - 1200 BC). The people in this period are called Sumerians . The Sumerians are known for their technological achievements. Ex. Sumerians developed the first written language called cuneiform . How could an old story like the Epic of Gilgamesh be valuable to the people of our time?

Clay Tablet of Gilgamesh:

Clay Tablet of Gilgamesh Considering the tablets were found broken & translated, do you think this may have changed the interpretation of the story in English? There are 12 clay tablets of the Epic of Gilgamesh. All lost and found in fragments around 1853 in Nineveh, Iraq. Our text is an English translation from the tablets. Let’s listen briefly how the real text sounds like: Akkadian Reading Tablet V from the Ancient History Encyclopedia

Ms.McGuff’s Introduction: Ancient Sumer or Ancient Mesopotamia :

Ms.McGuff’s Introduction: Ancient Sumer or Ancient Mesopotamia

Ms. McGuff’s Introduction : Ancient Sumer or Ancient Mesopotamia :

Ms. McGuff’s Introduction : Ancient Sumer or Ancient Mesopotamia Why does Ms. McGuff calls Gilgamesh a “semi-mythic” King of Uruk? How did Gilgamesh get this title? How may have the Sumerian's religious beliefs influenced Gilgamesh’s identity as the “semi-mythic” King during this period? Also, do you think he was real?


Knowing what we know now, what if you lived during this period? Where would you want to be on this social ladder? Traders & Scribes(not too wealthy) Gods Social Hierarchy in Ancient Mesopotamia

Gilgamesh in an Epic poem :

Gilgamesh in an Epic poem An epic poem is a long narrative poem, usually read out loud to an audience, about the great deeds of a hero or the epic hero . The epic hero embodies the values of a society & is the most noble individual in society Gilgamesh is half god & half human taking up the values of the Ancient Sumerian culture. How significant may have it been for stories, like the Epic of Gilgamesh , be read out loud in Ancient Mesopotamia? Who would they be teaching lessons and what kind of lessons?

Qualities of an Epic Hero :

Qualities of an Epic Hero 1. A quest or journey for society or himself. Ex. Wonder woman trying to save the world and her Amazonian society. 2. Supernatural qualities or may have the supernatural being aiding him through his story. Ex. Disney’s Hercules has his father protecting him. 3. The Epic Hero overcomes all obstacles faced through his journey. Ex. Hercules makes it back from Hades.

Qualities of an Epic Hero :

Qualities of an Epic Hero 4. It is often necessary for him to contact with a regular human to succeed his journey. Ex. Wonder woman has help from Steve Trevor. 5. Experiences human emotions. Ex. Wonder woman wants to save planet Earth. 6. Epic hero’s live on after death through either immortality or by society remembering him

Gilgamesh lives forever!:

Gilgamesh lives forever!

Journal Entry :

Journal Entry How much different are our lives from the ancient Sumerians? Do we have similar power structures influencing our lives? Why do you think character’s like Gilgamesh were necessary to depict in stories? Does our society still need heroic figures like Gilgamesh? Lastly, what kind of things are you expecting to learn about through our story? Are you excited to start tablet one tonight?

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