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Strategy presentation on repeated reading as a reading strategy in all grade levels.


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Strategy presentation – Repeated reading:

Strategy presentation – Repeated reading Amy Spears EEX 6061 – Instructional Strategies PK-6 UCF Spring 2013

Overview of Strategy:

Overview of Strategy Effective with fluency Researched at the Elementary level Students read a passage multiple times Increases reading rate, as well as accuracy

Steps of Repeated Reading:

Steps of Repeated Reading Students read a selected passage for the first time, spending the majority of their time and brain-power on identifying unknown words. Students read the passage again; this time they are able to put more focus into connecting the meaning to the words and phrases. Students read the passage one last time and are able to read fluently and naturally with expression and understanding.

Who Does Repeated Reading Help?:

Who Does Repeated Reading Help? Students with disabilities Students who struggle with comprehension Students who are reading below-level All grade levels, all subject areas that involve reading

Results the Strategy is Intended to Achieve:

Results the Strategy is Intended to Achieve Increase in comprehension Increase in fluency Increase in reading rate Increase in words correct per minute Increase in word recognition

Possible Adaptations to the Strategy:

Possible Adaptations to the Strategy Can be used in small groups, whole-groups (choral reading), or one-on-one Reading can be modeled first by the teacher or by a peer Students can practice independently with the use of a taped reading Timed repeated reading can be used to track progress/data


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