School Home Collaboration in Students with Disabilities

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EEX 6612 University of Central Florida Final Presentation


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Importance of strong family and school collaboration in students with autism:

Importance of strong family and school collaboration in students with autism Amy Spears 11-22-12 EEX 6612 – Methods of Behavioral Management UCF Fall 2012 [email protected]


Introduction Parent involvement in education has increased recently Gives students best learning environments and extends learning time Important for all students – especially students with disabilities such as autism

Benefits of collaboration:

Benefits of collaboration More positive attitude towards education* Improves student test scores* Improves student achievement* Greater change of participation* Decreases dropout rate** Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act*** *"School-Family Partnering..." 2012 ** “Family Engagement” n.d .) *** Hedeen , Moses, & Peter, n.d .

Specifics to autism:

Specifics to autism Communication, social, and adaptation to change deficits Don’t reinvent the wheel! Understand triggers, know what to expect Prepare lesson around students’ interests and learning styles

Ways to communicate:

Ways to communicate Communication Notebook Classroom Newsletter Phone calls Inviting parents to class E-mails


conclusion Increase in home-school collaboration Communication helpful for all students, especially students with disabilities Helps make up for students with autism’s deficits in communication, social functioning, and educational concepts

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