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DoItYourselfDebt.Net Debt Relief Program:

DoItYourselfDebt.Net Debt Relief Program “Get Out of Debt Yourself…Not By Yourself!”

There, I said it!!!:

There, I said it!!! First, it is no accident that you are listening and seeing this today. You are currently in a “situation” that may seem scary and uncomfortable to say the least. DEBT

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But, you’re not alone. There are millions upon millions of people who are struggling with the same financial woes. Is that a coincidence??? I don’t think so! Our Country is BROKE! “Did you know that our country is carrying over $2.5 Trillion dollars in consumer debt? That is over $7,000 for every man, woman and child living in this country.”

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Let’s face it…this is a huge problem that has affected and infected just about every family in America. There is a common thread and similar factors that brought us to the brink… Job loss, pay cuts, medical expenses, high interest rates, high cost of gas, increasing costs of utilities, surging food prices, school tuition….and the list goes on! Again, its no accident! WE are all in the same boat. (Unfortunately, that boat is sinking in an ocean of DEBT!!!)

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Your Home is the most important asset you have. Then, your car. These are Secured Debts. “Secured debts are tied to an asset that's considered collateral for the debt. Lenders place a lien on the asset, giving them the right to take the asset if you fall behind on your payments. If the lender has to take your asset because you've become delinquent, the asset will be sold.” *Government funded student loans and child support are also considered secured debts.

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The DoItYourselfDebt.Net Program addresses Unsecured Debt. “With unsecured debts, lenders don't have rights to any collateral for the debt. If you fall behind on your payments, they don't have the right to take any of your assets. However, the lender may take other actions to get you to pay. For example, they will hire a debt collector to coax you to pay the debt .” The most common Unsecured Debts are Credit Cards, Medical Bill & Personal Loans.

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Other Types of Unsecured Debt CREDIT CARDS DEPARTMENT STORE CARDS MEDICAL BILLS IN COLLECTIONS PERSONAL LOANS OLD PHONE/CELL PHONE BILLS OLD UTILITY BILLS APARTMENTS LEASES REPOS (Vehicle or Property ) BOUNCED CHECKS BACK RENT TAX DEBT CATALOGUES BANK OVERDRAFTS GAS CARDS STUDENT LOANS (Not insured by the government) SOME TYPES PAYDAY LOANS ANY COLLECTION AGENCY DEBT (Once your debt hits a collection agency, it becomes an unsecured debt) If you have over $1,000 in Unsecured Debt, this program is for you!

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Unsecured Debts like Credit Cards have no terms. Meaning, there is no “set” date to pay the balance off. “For example, with a Car Note…$275 per month for 48 months and the car is yours. With a credit card, that $275 payment could be for well over 25 years…..hmmm??? “ That’s where the problem started. We were misled from the very beginning.

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Factors that Effect your Credit Health - Missed or Late Payment on accounts - Only Making Minimum Monthly Payment - Carrying over 50% Balances on Cards - Missed or Late Payment on ANY revolving Debt (that includes utilities or any bill you pay on a monthly basis) - Loss of Income due to Job Loss or Cuts in Pay, medical issues ….many more reasons! “The Single Biggest Factor that determines your credit health is Debt-to-Income Ratio. Do you have enough Income to support the Debt that you have? “ Probably not…that’s why you’re here today.

“Everyone has a Financial Bucket. The SIZE of this Bucket is determined by your Income. This Bucket is either filled with DEBT or CREDIT or a combination of BOTH.” Unfortunately OUR Buckets are filled with DEBT and we have to get rid of it….NOW! :

“Everyone has a Financial Bucket. The SIZE of this Bucket is determined by your Income. This Bucket is either filled with DEBT or CREDIT or a combination of BOTH.” Unfortunately OUR Buckets are filled with DEBT and we have to get rid of it….NOW! DEBT “OMG…I need to get rid of this DEBT so I can refill this bucket with CREDIT!”

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I feel we live in the greatest country in the world because we have OPTIONS to resolve and get rid of DEBT. It took you a long time to get in this mess…it may take some time to get out. “The DoItYourselfDebt.Net Program meets that challenge. We have a proven system that’s helped many consumers nationwide achieve their “Get outta Debt” goals.” But first…lets go over ALL of your Options!

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The first option is the easiest and Unfortunately the most common; Continue to do what you’re doing! How has that worked for you??? Correct! It has not worked at all…that’s why you’re here. “The definition of Insanity is continuing to do the same thing over and over and over and expecting a different result.” This does not work…Next O ption P lease!

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The next option is… Consolidation This is a loan that takes all of your debts, combines them or consolidates them into one payment. “What just happened, did you get rid of the debt? NO! You just shuffled it around a bit. It’s like, “robbing Peter to pay Paul”. At the end of the day…you STILL owe the debt…now its to a different person. Not to mention, you have to Qualify to get a Consolidation Loan and based on your Credit or lack thereof…will determine the interest rate. S ame boat, they just painted it a different color.” This does not work… N ext Option Please

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The next option is… CCCS – Consumer Credit Counseling Services This is essentially a Non-Profit company working FOR your creditors, that YOU pay to pay YOUR BILLS for you! Really??? “What just happened…AGAIN, did you get rid of the debt? NO! You just shuffled it around a bit, AGAIN. It’s like, “robbing Peter to pay Paul”. At the end of the day…you STILL owe the debt…now its to a different person. Not to mention, what message does it send when you have to PAY a company to PAY your bills for you? Does this promote financial awareness or financial responsibility? NO! Also, why would you partner with a company that is in league with the very industry (Banks & Financial Institutions) that got OUR COUNTRY in this mess to begin with?” This is reflected on your credit report when joining CCCS as it looks like a Bankruptcy, which brings us to the next option…. This does not work… N ext Option Please

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The next option is… Bankruptcy This is essentially a Financial Death Sentence for the next 10 years. Your “situation” now becomes a public record and a judge will rule on your denial or approval. At best…a last resort for Debt Relief. “I have mixed feelings about Bankruptcy. I do feel that it can be considered as an option but only AFTER you’ve tried everything else. There is a substantial cost to hire an attorney between $2,000 - $5,000. Then, a judge must approve it and if the judge rules that you have the ability to pay your debts…you will be denied the ch.7 bankruptcy (…which is liquidation) and you will be forced into a ch.13 (…which is reorganization). Either way…the credit impact will be BRUTAL!!!” Honestly, once you’re in DEBT…there is No Easy way out. ANYTHING you do will impact your credit. The trick is to SAVE as much money as possible and try to lessen the Impact on your Credit. This may not work…Final Option Please

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The FINAL option is… Debt Settlement This is typically the option that best fits most people with at least $10,000 in unsecured debt. Debt settlement in a nutshell “Debt settlement involves negotiating with a creditor to agree on a reduced balance that will be accepted as payment in full. In short, if you fall behind on your payments, your lender(s) might be willing to cut a deal to get at least a portion of their money back in a lump sum payment .” Debt settlement is typically only an option for unsecured debt, and lenders usually won’t even broach the subject unless you’re already behind on your payments. If that’s you, then debt settlement might be a viable option.

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Debt Settlement “Let’s say you have $10,000 in unsecured debt. Debt settlement will typically reduce that to about $0.40 cents on the dollar. This brings your total payback to the creditors to $4,000. (Saving you $6,000 off of what you owe). The “Traditional” Debt Settlement Company will charge you 15% to settle your debt with the creditors. So, 15% of $10,000 is $1,500. Your Total Program Cost comes to $5,500. Then, you take the Total Program Cost and divide by a 36 month program. $5,500 divided by 36 = $153 per month for 36 months and your debts are gone. This reduces your debt by about half which usually makes the payment affordable because instead of making monthly payments to your creditors, you save this money in an account to offer lump sum payments to the creditors.” For example; Lets says you owe $1,000 and the settlement company reduces that to $400. As soon as you have $400 in the account you have been saving into…they authorize you to make the payment to the creditor. They then draft an additional $150 (15% service fee) from that account. That one is done…your credit report reflects a zero balance then they move on to the next account and continue that until you’re debt free.

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Debt Settlement This is awesome. You just had your debt reduced from $10,000 to $4,000. You paid a “Traditional” Debt Settlement Company about $1,500 as a Service Fee (and usually recurring maintenance fee from $30-$75 per month until your program is completed) for doing this…for a Grand Total of $5,500. (You saved roughly $4,500) And, paying back $5,500 is better than paying the full $10,000…right??? Of Course….BUT WAIT! What if you could save more????

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DoItYourselfDebt.Net’s Settlement Program “What if you didn’t have to pay a “Traditional” Debt Settlement Company ANYTHING…and you saved that $1,500 in Service Fees & the recurring $75 in monthly fees and applied it towards GETTING OUT OF DEBT? Would you get out sooner? Would you save more money? YES!” That’s where the DoItYourselfDebt.Net Program comes in….

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The FINAL, FINAL option is… DoItYourselfDebt.Net’s Settlement Program This is typically the option that best fits most people with at least $1,000 in unsecured debt. DoItYourselfDebt.Net’s Debt settlement in a nutshell “We show you step-by-step how to negotiate with a creditor to agree on a reduced balance that will be accepted as payment in full .” “We educate on the history of credit & debt.” “We explain the process in read format, video format and audio format.” “We provide scripts, spreadsheets and all the tools needed to “Settle” your debt yourself and save Thousands of Dollars!” Keep your “Financial Situation” discreet while saving money by doing it yourself!

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DoItYourselfDebt.Net’s Settlement Program You get much MORE than a detailed lesson on Debt Settlement. You get; - eBook- A complete history of Credit & Debt: From a Historical & Biblical Point of view - Strategies for dealing with creditors - Tips/Techniques on negotiating - Forms/Letters/Spreadsheets for Financial Planning - A Detailed Budget (very important) - Video Tutorials - Real-world examples of program results - How to save up to 70% or more off account balances - How to stop creditor calls - How to rebuild your credit after becoming debt free - 10 things your creditor will never tell you - How to take control of your situation and stop living in fear - All options for getting out of debt, explained in full - Case study: long-term effects of debt in regards to mental, physical and spiritual health - Free Copy of your credit report .... and much, much more!

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DoItYourselfDebt.Net’s Settlement Program We have a Proven System that teaches you how to do this yourself. W ith $10,000 in debt…this program is easily worth $2,000 to you, based only on the merits of “Traditional” Debt Settlement. “Heck, if you had only $1,000 in debt…the program would be worth $200 , right?”

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DoItYourselfDebt.Net Program Upgrade Options at Any time! VIP Platinum Gold The DoItYourselfDebt Program SM course, a Step by Step Digital-PDF with Letters, Creditor Negotiations Points, Scripts & Video Tutorials. New!!! MP3 Audios of the DoItYourselfDebt Program SM course - Listen on the move with your IPod or in your Car! An initial Personal Email Consultation, tailored to your specific situation 8 months of Email Support, Reviewing Documents, Coaching & Mentoring you through the settlement process *Each Program comes with membership to our Online Forum.  You  can ask questions and seek advice from staff and other member of the program.  $25 per month (recurring) until you are out of debt. $299 $199 Best Value $99 To Upgrade Please send us an email at [email protected] and you will get a link to access the upgrade page which will include a credit from your previous purchase.

Get out of Debt TODAY! :

Get out of Debt TODAY! “You have at least $1,000 in debt, right?” “You know ALL of your options, right?” “Paying half is better than paying full, right?” Don’t pay a company Thousands of Dollars when you can do it yourself for as low as $99.

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DIYD’s Wealth Building System If you have a desire to help people who are in the same situation you are, or you just want to make some extra money from home….this is for you! Please visit us online @ www.DoItYourselfDebt.Net and click on the tab Business Opportunity!

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