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The better your relationship with a child's parents, the more successful the child will be and the more successful you will be:

The better your relationship with a child's parents, the more successful the child will be and the more successful you will be



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Relationship between parents and teacher is successful when they both work together for the improvement and welfare of the child.

Establishing a Parent-Teacher Relationship :

Establishing a Parent-Teacher Relationship A good time to contact the child's parents is during the first week of school. This gives an opportunity to meet one another when neither has any complaints. This provides some helpful information to teacher and also assure her that she has full support and cooperation of the child’s parents.

The Necessity of Confidence Relationship between Parents and Teachers:

The Necessity of Confidence Relationship between Parents and Teachers Many parents try to show some interest about their children and school. But some parents show teachers selfish love for their children and a very rude attitude toward teachers. This makes teachers feel depressed.

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It is necessary to punish students when they do something wrong like stealing, cheating on exam, bullying others, and defying teachers etc. But some parents don't accept their children's fault instead they shout at teachers and blame the school. And when teachers' sense of mission and passion decreases, the education will become worse and worse and finally the damage will go to the children.

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if the parents distrust the teachers and behave carelessly without etiquette then how in the world can the teachers amend the problematic conduct of the children and help them advance in the proper direction? So it is necessary to have confidence while forming a relationship between parents and teachers.

Importance of parents teacher relationship :

Importance of parents teacher relationship Students perform better in school when teachers openly communicate with parents, when parents become actively involved in their children’s education and when a healthy school climate is maintained. Close communications with parents and strong leadership skills from the teacher can significantly improve the school climate, educational experience, and follow the students throughout their lives.

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A child can't really learn from a teacher if his parents don't respect the teacher and a teacher can't really teach a child if he thinks the parents don't respect him. It demonstrates to your child that he can trust his teacher, because you do. Communication on both sides is extremely important.

Expectations of parents from a teacher:

Expectations of parents from a teacher A teacher should be fair, encouraging and praising when there is an occasion for it. A teacher should not play any favourites and should also not form any firm opinion about a child. A teacher should avoid corporal punishments. A teacher should give each child a chance to develop his talents to the fullest extent.

Expectations of a teacher from parents:

Expectations of a teacher from parents Parents should inform the teacher very honestly about the child’s behaviour and work at home. The parents must see that the child attends the school regularly and he is punctual. The parents should see that the child does his homework regularly. The parents must have respect for the teaching profession.

Tips for a teacher while Working With Parents :

Tips for a teacher while Working With Parents Contact parents early on and before a problem occurs, particularly when there's good news to report Consider writing a weekly newsletter or report on classroom learning and activities Invite parents to come into the classroom and assign them tasks if they are willing Let parents know how they can reinforce classroom learning at home; consider asking them to sign a contract requiring them to make children complete homework and other home learning activities

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Visit families in their homes if possible to see first hand how well learning is supported there. Hold a parent meeting the first month of the school year in which you talk about your expectations for student achievement and behaviour. All written communication to parents should use simple, familiar language and short sentences. Be direct and avoid using long explanations.

Tips for parents while working with a teacher:

Tips for parents while working with a teacher Parents should arrange the conference at the teacher's convenience. The teacher then has sufficient time to plan and to have the necessary information at the conference. Parents should write out the areas and questions they want the meeting to cover. . By doing this, their most important questions will be answered in a clear manner.

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Parents should always display a positive attitude while interacting with a teacher. A loud voice may imply dominance. Rigid posture may suggest anger or disapproval. Parents should make suggestions to increase their child's growth. If their child is doing well, they should find out what they can do to ensure continued success and progress.


Conclusion So, it would be great if both, school and home unite for the betterment of children and if parents trust teachers and teachers eradicate the bad practices and they cooperate with each other, we are able to provide better education to the children.