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A presentation to help struggling students to get more focused and score high in examinations


By: ginasari (137 month(s) ago)

So Enlightenning!! I'd like to share this with my students, may I? Thank you in advance. Highly appreciated. Regard, Nina

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Success and School : 

Baobab Branch Educational Programmes for Form 2 West Afraha High School Success and School

Who Are We? : 

Who Are We? what is Baobab Branch? An organization that builds the capcity of young people to excel in a world full of limitations

what we’re doing today : 

what we’re doing today 1) Talking about Success in Life 2) Talking about Success in School what you can do to make a difference for yourself

What is key to Success? : 

What is key to Success? Knowing your goals Knowing how to reach your goals

How do you Reach your Goals? : 

How do you Reach your Goals? report from Richard St. John 500 Interviews 7 years of research what leads to success in life? ...

1) Passion : 

1) Passion Do it for LOVE not for MONEY

2) Work : 

2) Work Nothing comes easy

3) Get Good : 

3) Get Good To be successful, you have to choose what you want and get very good at it practice, practice, practice Gain all the skills.

4) Focus : 

4) Focus Focus yourself on what matters most

5) Push : 

5) Push You have to push push push yourself! push through shyness push through self-doubt push through difficulty

6) Serve : 

6) Serve If you want to help people or get rich, you need to find a way to serve other people

7) Ideas : 

7) Ideas Create new ideas.

8) Persist : 

8) Persist persist through failure, criticism, rejection, pressure

What leads to success? : 

What leads to success? Passion Work Get Good Focus Push Serve Ideas Persist

Success in School : 

Success in School what does it take to succeed?

Challenges of School : 

Challenges of School what’s hard about school?

4 Areas of School Life : 

4 Areas of School Life

Classwork : 

Classwork 1) Determine class objectives 2) Engage your brain in the lesson 3) Ask good questions

Assignments : 

Assignments 1) Give yourself ample time (start early!) 2) Don’t copy someone else’s work

Personal Study : 

Personal Study 1) Plan it in advance 2) Study when most alert 3) Avoid distractions

Exam Preparation : 

Exam Preparation 1) Plan your term with exams in mind 2) create time to practice answering exam questions 3) Review continually

Some Key Skills : 

Some Key Skills time management - know your priorities - keep a calendar - give yourself targets and goals - reward yourself

Some Key Skills : 

Some Key Skills focused study - keep off the music (unless you don’t speak the language) - keep a clean, organized study space - when you’re working, work 100%

Some Key Skills : 

Some Key Skills relationship management - maintain healthy relationships - with family - with friends - with teachers - if you’re dating...

Some Key Skills : 

Some Key Skills healthy ‘down time’ - sleep 8 hours a night - don’t waste your time with TV - read for fun - be physically active - join other activities, clubs, volunteer

Some Key Skills : 

Some Key Skills get support - work in teams - give yourself opportunities - ask for help

Baobab Branch : 

Baobab Branch where it fits in

What Matters to Us : 

What Matters to Us To engage young people in mind-changing experiences for academic, social and economic empowerment. Our Mission

Our Services : 

Our Services training alternative education programme what we provide

Our Services : 

Our Services career path charting tuition what we provide

Our Approach to Education : 

Our Approach to Education Positive Relevant Holistic Individualized

Gossip on the Street : 

Gossip on the Street “Baobab has given me the confidence to ask questions and feel at ease during exams so that I can improve my scores!” – Jacob, Age 16 what are students saying?

Gossip on the Street : 

Gossip on the Street “My studies with my teachers at Baobab have improved my grades and concentration in school. It also makes my mom happy to see that I am learning all my material.” – Sara, Age 18 what are students saying?

How it’s Easily Affordable : 

How it’s Easily Affordable We fit financial capacity on a sliding scale

Where we Are : 

Where we Are Downtown Nakuru Interlink Building, 2nd Floor, rm. 20

Upcoming Services : 

Upcoming Services Young Adults career conference 1st -4th Dec 2010 at Lake Nakuru National Park, Kenya Holiday Tuition Program Begins December 7th 2010 After school Tuition ongoing 073.350.1213 072.470.7990 [email protected]

Contact Us : 

Contact Us 073.350.1213; 072.470.7990 [email protected]

Questions from you : 

Questions from you ?

Slide 39: 

Be all you can be!