General Rules and Precautions

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Gait Training: 

Gait Training General Rules and Precautions

Precautions with use of Assistive Devices: 

Precautions with use of Assistive Devices

Inform, Demonstrate, and Illustrate: 

Inform, Demonstrate, and Illustrate Give written instructions May only have brief amount of time to teach patient Cannot go over everything Patients will forget

Specific Precautions: 

Specific Precautions Proper maintenance of equipment, especially if borrowed Look for wear/tear Wing nuts on crutches

Specific Precautions: 

Specific Precautions Spring-adjusted buttons make sure secure Moist/wet surfaces extremely dangerous Careful around throw rugs, objects on floor Care on grass or uneven surfaces Care in doorways, thresholds, linoleum to carpet transitions, elevators

General Rules for Gait Training: 

General Rules for Gait Training

General Rules: 

General Rules Always use safety belt Push up from chair to go sit to stand, then grab assistive device. Do not sit until you feel the chair, mat, or bed behind you

General Rules: 

General Rules Let go of assistive device (at least with 1 UE) and grab chair, bed, or mat to help lower stand to sit Do not leave crutches under arm when sitting “Up with the good and down with the bad” Use assistive device on opposite side of involved LE

General Rules with Gait Training: 

General Rules with Gait Training To open door, approach at an angle toward opening use assistive device to hold door open Do not back in/out of elevators To get in/out of car Not advised to drive Easiest to sit in back seat 4-door car Follow rules of sit to stand

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