preambulation activities

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Includes parallel bars and tilt table.


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Preparation for Ambulation : 

Preparation for Ambulation Tilt Table, Parallel Bar and Pre-Ambulation Activities

Tilt Table : 

Tilt Table

Tilt Table : 

Tilt Table Required to accommodate to upright position Conditions Requiring Tilt Table Prolonged recumbence (SCI, Halo) Disturbance in balance, proprioception, kinesthesia, LE circulation Generalized weakness

Tilt Table, Procedure : 

Tilt Table, Procedure Gradually elevate to upright Use goniometer to measure angle if not available on equipment 70-800 typically sufficient At 900 patient will feel like they are too far forward 15-20 minutes variable with condition

Tilt Table, Procedure : 

Tilt Table, Procedure Assess Vital Signs Before treatment for baseline During treatment At every elevation change BP, HR most critical

Intolerance for Upright : 

Intolerance for Upright Excessive increase or decrease in BP or HR Changes in consciousness Excessive perspiration Facial pallor Edema formation in LE’s Decrease or loss of pedal pulses Complaints of nausea or numbness-tingling in LE’s Dizziness

Tilt Table : 

Tilt Table Circulatory Conditions Decreased ability to return venous blood to heart May benefit from Ace Bandages, LE’s during treatment

Benefits of Tilt Table : 

Benefits of Tilt Table Improvement in mental outlook/ attitude Increased bone density (SCI) Improves bowel/ bladder function Improves ability to exercise easier in upright than supine

Parallel Bar Activities : 

Parallel Bar Activities

Sit to Stand : 

Sit to Stand Chair locked Gait belt on Footrests removed Armrest reversed (if applicable) Move to edge of seat “Good or strong” foot posterior to opposite

Sit to Stand : 

Sit to Stand Lean forward “Nose over toes” Simultaneously push down on armrest and stand erect DO NOT use bars to pull up!!!

Balance/Pre-Ambulation Activities : 

Balance/Pre-Ambulation Activities Weight-shift side - side, forward-backward Progressive decreased use of UE for support Contralateral UE and LE support “Push-ups” in parallel bars Increases UE strength Side-stepping, tandem walking, braiding, backward walk

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