HR manager as Business Partner

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HR manager as Business Partner:

HR manager as Business Partner Presented By :- Amol Suryawanshi

Role of HR manager:

Role of HR manager As a Mediator As a Problem Solver As a Representative As a Counselor As a Motivator

Qualities of HR manager:

Qualities of HR manager Educational Qualification Personal Qualities Professional Attitude Training & Experience Global Awareness

HR manager is a Strategic business partner.:

HR manager is a Strategic business partner. Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) in the UK defines the term “ business partner ” to cover a range of jobs from administrative, strategic, and consultancy. In a way, an HR business partner works closely with other business leaders to put in place its strategy, steer its implementation, and make the best use of the organization's people.

As a business partner:

As a business partner Clarity of thought and sense of direction. Patience. Fairness. Self- discipline. Risk-taking ability.


Conclusion It has been justified time and again that people are the most critical element in an organization. Industry consultants, and those in the halls of academia, and HR leaders themselves have been instrumental in crafting a new role for HR – that of a strategic business partner, the role, where they contribute to the company’s ongoing success. The mantra therefore, is either attaining strength to impact the system or perish!

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