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Understand the difference of hacking and cracking Hacking builds things Cracking breaks them

Literal Definitions:

Literal Definitions Hacker : Someone who uses hacks. Cracker : some one who destructs things. Hacks : A different approach with some significant advantage over the current approach

Why do people hack ?:

Why do people hack ? To make security stronger ( Ethical Hacking ) Just for fun Show off Hack other systems secretly Notify many people their thought Steal important information Destroy enemy ’ s computer network

Types of Hackers:

Types of Hackers

White-hat Hackers:

White-hat Hackers The good guys who identify the security weakness of the system or network and inform the owner about them

Black Hat Hackers:

Black Hat Hackers A black hat is the villain or bad guy , who crash into victim’s security to steal information and destroy the victims security network . Also known as ‘cracker’.

Grey hat Hackers:

Grey hat Hackers A grey hat , in the hacking community, refers to a skilled hacker who is somewhere in between white and black hat hackers

Language of hackers:

Language of hackers 1 -> i or l 3 -> e 4 -> a 7 -> t 9 -> g 0 -> o $ -> s | -> i or l |\| -> n |\/| -> m s -> z z -> s f -> ph ph -> f x -> ck ck -> x

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Example : 1 d1d n0t h4ck th1s p4g3, 1t w4s l1k3 th1s wh3|\| 1 h4ck3d 1n I did not hack this page, it was like this when I hacked in .

World famous hackers:

World famous hackers Stephen Wozniac Tsutomu Shimomura

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Kevin Mitnick Kevin Poulsen

Random Fact !!!!:

Random Fact !!!! The average age group of hackers are aged between 14-24 yrs. …

Did you know ?:

Did you know ? Social networking sites like ‘FACEBOOK’,’GMAIL’,’YAHOO” comprised of 60% of direct or indirect hacking incidents.

Most popular virus:

Most popular virus Links involving private pictures of celebrities. Links showing pictures of famous personalities like Gaddafi’s dead body or videos of Osama Bin Laden’s killing.

Another popular scam :

Another popular scam Facebook lottery scam.

Popular Hacked sites:

Popular Hacked sites www.jntu.ac.in was hacked on 7 Nov 2010. www.songs.pk was hacked on 15 July 2011. Songs.pk JNTU homepage after it was hacked

Preventive measures :

Preventive measures Install a strong anti-virus Always run a anti-virus check before you download a program or a file from the internet. Avoid disclosing personal details like phone number, credit card details to strangers.

How to become Hacker:

How to become Hacker The best approach is to gain as much knowledge about stuff as you can. Good command over C / C++ / Perl will definitely help. But above all you need a good logical brain.

Some Techniques of Cracking:

Some Techniques of Cracking Windows Cracking 1).BIOS Password Breaking 2).Windows Logon Password Breaking

Bios password breaking :

Bios password breaking We can break BIOS password in any one of the following ways: Trying default password Hardware approach

Trying default passwords:

Trying default passwords some default BIOS passwords Lkwpeter AMI cmos j262 Award AMI!SW1 AWARD_SW bios AMI? SW1 AWARD_PW BIOS password Biostar setup hewittrand ‘j262’ opens most version of Award bios; it works about 80 per cent of the time

Hardware approach:

Hardware approach If the default passwords did not work, then try to reset the Bios to its default settings so that it asks for no password at all. Procedure for hardware approach is as follows First, we have to open the computer and then look for a round lithium battery, it probably looks like a silver coin. So, remove the battery and after 30 seconds or so put it back.

Window log on password breaking :

Window log on password breaking To hack windows login password, reboot and wait for the message: “Starting Windows 9x…” When we see this on the screen, press F8. The boot menu will come up. Select option 7, to boot into DOS . C:\> cd windows C:\windows> ren *.pwl *.xyz Or delete them by typing C:\windows>del *.pwl *.xyz

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Another approach: Now there is another way of hacking the windows password. Instead of holding the F8 key simply press F5 key, which directly boots the machine in the safe mode. Easy and Simple approach On many computers a series of keystrokes may crash the password program. keep pressing ESC 15 to 20 times . This will result in the crashing of the password program and the computer will continue booting .

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