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Amish Showroom is one of the best showroom for furniture in online.Fill your home with our solid wood amish furniture, shop our online gallery and buy high quality custom Amish Furniture today at affordable price.For more information call us at 763.498.7730 or vist our website at


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10730 Triden Ridge Circle Rogers MN 55374 763-498-7730

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The Best Custom Amish Furniture Welcome to Amish Showroom We started out selling lumber to Amish craftsmen from our family farm. Eric also used the lumber to build custom millwork for his contracting company, Ridgestone Homes Inc. As we met more Amish families, we started selling their products direct from the shop to your home. Our goal is to gather the finest Amish craftsmen in the country and retail their products to you. We have the ability to help you modify the furniture to meet your needs. Eric is an accomplished home builder and woodworker. He can re-draw the furniture to meet your needs and have the Amish Craftsmen build it for you. We also have some of the best prices in the Country.

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Care of Solid Hardwood Furniture Protection & Clean-Up: Dust furniture with a soft cloth while following the grain pattern. Clean with mild, non-alkaline soap and water using a soft cloth or sponge. Towel dry. Lemon oil may be used to polish. Do not use polish that contain silicones . Avoid nail polish remover, alcohol or other solvents and placing sharp objects tha t could scratch the surface of the table Sweating Glassware/Dishes: Sweating glassware and dishes are not a problem for a co Uple hours. Leaving a sweating glass overnight or for any extended period may cause the wood grain to rise or become bumpy and leave a ring. This may cause damage that cannot be repaired. Use coasters or trivets with non-scratching bottoms underneath glassware and serving dishes

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Trestle Dining Tables Our trestle tables are American furniture made of solid hardwood, with self store leaves. All of our trestle dining tables are built from solid hardwoods and connected with time tested mortise and tennon jointery . A trestle table base is often shaped like the letter "H". The two end pieces often have a "cover plate" to hide the connecting bolts holding the center trestle table stretches in position. The stretchers hold the table leaves inside while stored.

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Sale Items Amish Showroom solid wood furniture sale price items. Items listed as "in store" pickup only must be picked up by the client at our Coates MN location. All other items standard shipping rates apply to the lower 48 States. Items not in stock have a 10 to 12 week lead time. All American furniture built by the Amish is constructed to last for a lifetime.

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Leg Dining Tables Amish Showroom builds American made Amish furniture with solid oak leg tables and sells them direct to the consumer. All dining tables are made from solid cherry, or the listed hardwood, and custom sized to suit your needs. Our Amish dining table craftsmen only use lumber they harvested and kiln dried to meet their high quality standards. Our custom Amish leg tables are very strong and will last generations.

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Bedroom Amish showroom builds quality handmade bedroom furniture to suit your needs. If you're looking for custom bedroom furniture made from hand selected hardwoods you have found the right website. At Amish showroom we start by kiln drying premium quality woods cut to our specifications. After the kiln drying process is complete the Amish builders handcraft each bedroom set to meet your specific needs.

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Office Furniture Amish Showroom Minnesota builds high quality custom office furniture. American Furniture built by skilled Amish craftsmen can be made to suit. Choose from any of our solid hardwood office furniture designs and we can custom build to suit your needs. We only use quality solid hardwoods in our custom office furniture, and use time-tested dovetail joints and hundred pound drawer slides to last a lifetime. We are finding that many furniture builders have switched over to particleboard drawers and cheap laminate tops. At Amish showroom we believe quality starts with solid hardwood lumber and a conversion varnish finish. If you're like us you spend many hours every day working at your desk. Don't you want to look at a beautiful piece of artwork disguised as furniture?

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