Advantages of Using Jib Cranes and Safety Tips


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A Jib Crane is an overhead lifting device that is used to lift heavy objects. Ambica Engineering provides good quality jib cranes that are simple in design, easy to operate and capable of handling load up to 15 tons.


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Benefits of Jib Cranes Safety Tips Jib cranes are indispensable to a variety of industries as they are used for transporting heavy objects. They are frequently used for lifting operations by multitudinous industries. Jib cranes prove to be unparalleled when it comes to increasing production worker productivity whilst reducing workplace injuries. If this sounds familiar chances are that you are already using a jib crane or two. If not then you may want to buy one from a reputed crane company in India.

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What makes Jib Cranes so Popular A jib crane is an overhead lifting device that’s commonly used in repetitive but unique and tough lifting operations. Using a jib crane can really help you streamline your production process. They are pretty versatile and can be used with overhead bridge cranes to boost production. One of the hallmarks of jib cranes is their ergonomic design. They are pretty simple in design but have capacities ranging from 250 lbs to 15 tons. As aforementioned because of the same reason they help improve production while reducing workplace injuries at the same time. Components of a Jib Crane Jib cranes are simpler in design than workstation or bridge cranes. Fairly easy to operate these cranes do not demand much maintenance. That’s because they have less number of parts that could fail or breakdown. It is however essential to inspect them regularly and fix any small issues. Here’s a list of its components: 1. Reach or Boom 2. Pillar 3. Movable Host 4. Rotation 5. Pneumatic power or Electrification 6. Rotation Stop 7. Trolley 8. Controls for rotation boom and motion of the trolley Jib cranes are known for their immense capabilities provided you know how to operate it safely. Here’re few tips to help you operate- - Never overload the jib crane. You should also be aware of the maximum load capacity for a safe operation. - The travel path must be clear before you move the load or jib arm. - Never pull loads. You must push loads instead. - Stay away from dragging the load using the jib arm. - If you need to lower the load do it gradually with utmost care. Always avoid whipping of the jib arm. - Always analyze the lift stability by conducting a trial lift. - Always be aware of any equipment or worker moving into the path of the jib crane. If you have any questions about jib cranes get in touch with us. We are one of the best crane companies in India known for manufacturing quality cranes.

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