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Pure Cow Ghee Online – Ghee Manufacturers Suppliers Dealers in India Pure Desi Ghee is considered a sacred ingredient in our Ayurveda. Shri Amarnath Milk foods Pvt. Ltd. understands the value of our rich Indian culture. They have become a leading manufacturer dealer and supplier of Pure Cow Ghee all over India. Serving their consumers with high quality is their top priority. The main ingredient of desi ghee is pure cow milk packed with rich nutrients. Cows are fed with grass making them healthy. Pack of Desi Cow Ghee comes in different volumes starting from 200 ml to 15 liters. Pure cow ghee supports and promotes a productive and healthy lifestyle. Shri Amarnath Milk Foods Desi ghee passes standards. Why is pure cow ghee special Each tiny drop of ghee nurtures the body. Here are some benefits of pure cow ghee that many people dont know.  Regular Consumption of desi ghee helps balance doshas in the body - Vata pita and Kapha doshas regulate the health of the body. The imbalance of all three doshas can affect the bodys health. The immunity system of the body becomes weak. The root cause of all diseases is linked to the imbalance of these doshas. Pure cow ghee is a powerhouse of nutrients that helps to balance three doshas.  Pure cow Desi Ghee benefits from Ayurveda point of view - Sushruta Samhita is an ancient ayurvedic text. It emphasizes the effectiveness of including pure desi ghee in our regular diet. Pure Desi ghee reduces the inflammation in the body that arises from pitta dosha. Shri Amarnath Milk Foods Desi ghee nourishes the mind and both at the same time. Charaka Samhita is another ayurvedic scripture that explains the

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health benefits of pure cow ghee on our body organs. It is highly recommended to consume pure cow ghee for good eyesight smooth skin and efficient functioning of sensory organs. Parents must include a spoon of desi ghee daily in their childrens diet for sharping memory and intelligence. Our Ayurveda has mentioned numerous benefits.  Pure Cow Desi Ghee boosts the bodys mechanism - Pure cow desi ghee is a rich source of omega-3 omega-6 and other fatty acids that helps to cut down fat cells in the body. As a result it works as a quick energy source. Pure cow desi ghee promotes a healthy and slim body by boosting the bodys mechanism. Desi ghee is an ideal choice for people putting effort into reducing weight.  Free from harmful chemicals and preservatives - Shri Amarnath Milk Foods manufacture pure ghee free from harmful and toxic pesticides inorganic chemicals preservatives and stabilizers. They keep health as their priority. Read more: Health Benefits of Damodar Desi Cow Ghee Various benefits of pure cow desi ghee prove that it must be a part of every household. People can also use ghee in Indian cuisines rituals pooja and hawans. Why delay in purchasing it Consumption in moderation is beneficial. Excess consumption of anything is not advised. People can buy pure cow desi ghee online from Shree Amarnath Milk Foods Pvt. Ltd. Source: https://sites.google.com/view/shri-amarnath-milk-foods/blog/pure-cow-ghee-online-manufacturers-suppliers-dealers