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Spirituality of Community TUL 520:

Spirituality of Community TUL 520 Amanda Flickner Due: 11/30/13


Introduction Process questions Spirituality as “the sacred”

Spirituality of National Culture:

Spirituality of National Culture Where to observe national culture? Observations based on my perception of threads of national culture or spirituality in local context and media, advertisements, Facebook, etc.

Religious Inclusivity :

Religious Inclusivity Openness to religion or spirituality as long as it is inclusive or accepting Jest about religion or spirituality

Spirituality as Morality:

Spirituality as Morality Religion as a moral exercise for the purpose of becoming “good people”

Commodification of Spirituality:

Commodification of Spirituality Advertisements using spiritual desires to sell non-spiritual objects


Meritocracy If you work hard and develop your skills, you will be successful

Further Exploration:

Further Exploration Instinct towards criticism of national spirituality Positive themes: Community responsibility, respect for spirituality

Spirituality of Local Culture:

Spirituality of Local Culture Boyle Heights and Rampart Area Immigrant spirituality


Community Relationship-oriented Supporting others in times of need

Spirituality as a Source of Belonging:

Spirituality as a Source of Belonging Connecting with distinct native culture through spiritual community

Use of Religious Objects and Symbols:

Use of Religious Objects and Symbols Theme: Virgin Mary Other common objects/symbols: candles, saint figurines, rosary beads, incense

Sharing Religion with Others:

Sharing Religion with Others Prevalence of proselytizing

Intersection of National and Local:

Intersection of National and Local For example: Experience of meritocracy at local level


Conclusions National Spirituality Themes: Religious inclusivity Spirituality of morality Commodification of spirituality Meritocracy Local Spirituality Themes: Value for community Spirituality offering sense of belonging Use of religious objects and symbols Sharing spirituality with others Understanding of dark spirituality

Conclusions Continued:

Conclusions Continued Diversity of spiritualties on national and local levels poses challenge to analysis Generalizations can detract from richness and depth of each individual spirituality in the given context

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