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Business loan is a debt that the business owner is obligated to repay back to lender. Know the types of business loans, avail them and start growing your business.


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BUSINESS LOANS Business loans is a debt that the business owner is obligated to repay back to the bank or NBFC. Many businesses might need quick loans to stay consistent in the market, this will help your business meet its fiscal demands in regard to the company’s regular works like paying for the employee’s salaries, for purchasing the equipment & inventories, for marketing purposes, etc. 2


which will reflect the overall growth of the business and will allow you to run the business for a longer time. 3 Business Loans

Types of Business loans:

Types of Business loans


1. Project finance 2. Equipment finance 3. Working capital loans 4. Lease rental discounting 5. Government business loans 5

1. Project Finance:

1. Project Finance It is a long-term financial solution that is available to the borrower that is provided for new long term infrastructure or for industrial projects. It has a flexible repayment option on the basis of the project assessment report. 6


It is a tool used by the business owners or companies where a lender provides finance to the business that is secured by a piece of equipment. 7 2. Equipment Finance

3. Working Capital Loans:

3. Working Capital Loans It is a loan taken by the companies to finance their everyday operations. It is basically used to cover the short term operational needs of the business. 8

4. Lease Rental Discounting:

4. Lease Rental Discounting 9 It is a term loan that is offered against the rental receipts derived from the lease contracts with corporate tenants. It is a loan agreement between the borrower and the lender, wherein the borrower is sanctioned a loan upon the rent to be collected over the lease period.

5. Government Business Loans:

These loans are offered by banks and NBFCs who are partnering with SBA (small business administration). These are used to start or expand a business, buy equipment or for any other business purposes. 10 5. Government Business Loans


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