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How to Write a Thesis Statement :

How to Write a Thesis Statement Academic Writer UK

Thesis Statement:

Complex and compound sentence that gives meaning of complete research Mostly based on one or two sentences Explicitly outlining the purpose of the paper Thesis Statement

Know the Purpose:

Know the Purpose Point in the direction of the expansion or progress of argument Develop interest of the reader/audience in the argument and make them except it It provides structure for your paper

Where to Put it?:

Where to Put it? It mostly comes at the end of the introductory paragraph Simply make a proper heading for creating a distinctive view Avoid writing it without supporting lines or introduction

Important Elements of to be included:

Important Elements of to be included Revolve around a chosen arguable point Assert the arguing point by all means Determine what ever is required by the topic but not usually said

What should it determine? :

What should it determine? Control the entire argument Determine what remains behind the pictures Support the thesis by all means Help in scrutinize the research by simply determining unnecessary elements of the research

Other Attributes to be included? :

Other Attributes to be included? Take side of the topic instead of simply proclaiming the topic Make the supporting points sufficient and necessary instead of making them arbitrary Discuss and focus on a single topic or argument

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