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For colorbond roof replacement Melbourne to make your roof look awesome and solid just Visit:


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Colorbond Roof Replacement Melbourne:

Colorbond Roof Replacement Melbourne Do you want service for Gutter replacement Melbourne and colorbond roof replacement Melbourne visit

How we convert a tiled roof to Colorbond :

How we convert a tiled roof to Colorbond Once we’ve done all our safety stuff and removed the old roof tiles, we need to secure the rafters properly. With all those tons of concrete tiles keeping the roof down, we need to ensure that our new Colorbond roof will not simply lift off in high wind. To do this we secure the rafters to the top plates of your stud walls using truss fix brackets or similar. We also secure the rafters at the ridge in the same way.

Tile to Colorbond Conversions :

Tile to Colorbond Conversions There is only so much maintenance that can be provided to old tiled roofs before the tiles need to be replaced. Unlike terracotta roof tiles, exposed concrete always breaks down. How much so depends on the original quality of materials used to create the concrete tiles, age, historical maintenance (protective coatings) and exposure to the elements.


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