Top Five Tips to Pick the Best Wall Panels for a Kitchen Makeover

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Top Five Tips to Pick the Best Wall Panels for a Kitchen Makeover Splashback panels have become one of the most renowned and popular techniques for wall fnishing in a modular kitchen. Though we have tiles wallpapers and paintings for cladding the walls the 3D wall panels are the best of all and are used widely for their cost efectiveness and durability. Wall panels are less expensive than paints or wallpapers which require frequent fnishing and touch-ups. They also help in hiding the unattractive elements such as cables and wirings and make your kitchen look more attractive and appealing. Since your kitchen is a crucial part of your home it is highly imperative to decide on factors that can help in enhancing its attractiveness and refecting your taste and class. Here’s a look at few tips to choose the best wall panels for your kitchen: 1. Kitchen area The size of the kitchen walls the area of kitchen and its orientation plays a pivotal role in deciding the type of wall panel. Pick a gentle colour if the kitchen is small. A rich brown colour is for people who like to go for a traditional look. For contemporary designs you can opt for customized wall panels. A smart planning is required for making your kitchen look luxurious. 2. Installation services The next important step is to check out installation services by the manufacturers. While few manufacturers ofer complimentary installation services in other cases the buyer has to make do with the DIY kitchen splashback. You can opt for panels which are easy to install at home without any professional assistance. 3. Maintenance eforts Look for a wall panel which is easy to maintain and clean. The stains will diminish the beauty of the wall panel if it is difcult to clean. Usually aluminium wall panels are considered the best as they are durable chemical resistant and fre resistant as well as do not require frequent cleaning. 4. Cost Cost is a signifcant factor while buying the wall panel. Calculate the size of the kitchen walls as the panels are sold in square feet. T ake a look at the area of the kitchen and look for options which are in sync with your budget. 5. Specifc panels Make sure you are choosing a wall panel especially made for the kitchen. Diferent areas such as commercial space living area bathroom and kitchen require diferent wall panels so identify the properties of the panels required for kitchen and choose accordingly. Apart from the above-mentioned points keep in mind the durability and reliability of the panel you are choosing. Also take into consideration the customer review to get a better idea of any product.

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