Makeup Application Tips According to a Professional Makeup Artist

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Makeup can be an expression of your personality. Certain makeup looks are appropriate for certain occasions. It's fun to try different makeup trends, but not all makeup trends are going to suit you. Before trying the latest makeup trends, please visit our blog where we discuss makeup do's and don’ts according to a professional makeup artist. Read at-


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slide 1: | 508 347 3400 1 Makeup Application Tips

slide 2: | 508 347 3400 2 ➔ Women love to experiment with their makeup. Trends are fun to try however not every trend will suit you. Below we discuss makeup Dos and Donts to help you look your best.

slide 3: | 508 347 3400 3 ● Skin preparation before applying makeup will help you achieve a flawless complexion. Therefore it is good to apply makeup on a fresh face for a natural look ● Applying foundation with powder will make your face glow and shine all day. It gives you a perfect look and helps you apply blusher easily. ● Clean your beauty tools once a week as face-contacted brushes can become a breeding ground for bacteria. ● A magnifying mirror is the best-kept-secret to fix your makeup and final touch-ups before you are ready to leave for the office party or meeting. Dos

slide 4: | 508 347 3400 4 ● Skipping moisture can make your skin tight and rough. Apply moisture to maintain smooth skin. ● If you are not sure how to shape your eyebrows contact a professional makeup artist for natural defined brows. ● Certain makeup looks are appropriate for certain occasions. For example wearing heavy dark makeup in a professional environment is inappropriate. ● As cosmetics often contain chemicals not removing your makeup before going to bed can cause skin problems and aging. Don’ts

slide 5: | 508 347 3400 5 The above dos and don’ts are really great guidelines to paint a beautiful canvas on your face. Contact a professional makeup artist so that you can confidently walk around the world.

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