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1 Sales Promotions

Sales Promotion:

2 Sales Promotion “Sales Promotion is a Marketing Discipline that Utilizes a Variety of Incentive Techniques to Structure Sales-Related Programs Targeted to Consumers, Trade, and/or Sales Levels that Generate a Specific, Measurable Action or Response for a Product or Service.”

Sales Promotion Goals:

3 Sales Promotion Goals Sales Promotion Has Three Goals That Relate to Its Target audiences: To Increase Immediate Customer Sales. To Increase Support Among the Marketer’s Sales Force. To Gain the Support of the Trade in Marketing The Product.

Reasons for the Growth of Sales Promotion:

4 Sales Managers are Under Great Pressure to Produce Results Quickly. Sales Promotion Strategies Target Consumer, Trade, and The Sales Force. Assessment of Sales Promotion is Relatively Easy. Cost for Results In This Industry Are Relatively Low. Reasons for the Growth of Sales Promotion Why Are Companies Spending More and More Money on Sales Promotion?

Promotion Strategies:

5 Promotion Strategies Promotion Can: Offer an immediate inducement, Cause customers to try a product, Persuade customers to buy again, Introduce a new product or build a brand over time. Promotion Can’t: Create an image for a brand, Compensate for a lack of advertising, Do much to compensate for a negative image, Reverse a sales decline.

Promotion Strategies:

6 Objectives Intended to Change Consumer Behavior Building Brands Can be Used to Build Brand Images, But May be Long-Term Introducing New Products Advertising and Promotion Work Well Together Here Using Push & Pull Strategies Promotion Strategies

Consumer Promotions:

7 Consumer Promotions Consumer sales promotions are directed at the ultimate user of the good or service. Intended to “presell” consumers so when people go into a store, they will look for a particular brand. Primary strengths are their variety and flexibility. Many techniques that can be combined to meet almost any kind of sales promotion planner’s objectives.

Types of Consumer Promotions:

8 Sweepstakes Premiums Sampling Contests Rebates Refunds Coupons Types of Consumer Promotions

Price Deals:

9 Price Deals Temporary reduction in the price of the product Cents-off Price pack Bonus pack Banded pack


10 Present for Redemption $6-Billion a Year Industry Retail-Sponsored Manufacturer-Sponsored Redemption Rates < 2% Co-Couponing Can be Tried Coupons Legal Certificates Offered by Manufacturers That Grant Specified Savings on Selected Products.


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