Great Sales Presentations


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Great Sales Presentations:

Great Sales Presentations


Overview Purpose of the Presentation Essential Steps The Sales Presentation Mix The Visual Presentation The Trial Close SELL Sequence The Ideal Presentation Be Prepared for Difficulties

Purpose of the Presentation:

Purpose of the Presentation To sell your Product/Service Knowledge - FAB Develop Positive Beliefs Create Desire for your Product Create Positive Attitude about Product Create Buyer’s Conviction

Essential Presentation Steps:

Essential Presentation Steps Fully Discuss the Features, Advantages, & Benefits of your Product Present your Marketing Plan How to Resell (for reseller) How to Use (for consumer) Explain your Business Proposition What’s in it for your customer Value of your Product vs. Cost

Sales Presentation Mix:

Sales Presentation Mix Persuasive Communication Prospect’s Participation Use Proof Statements Visual Aids Dramatization Demonstration

Persuasive Communication:

Persuasive Communication Using Questions Being Empathetic Keep Message Simple Create Mutual Trust Listening Positive Attitude Energetic Enthusiasm Being Believable

Persuasive Communication 2:

Persuasive Communication 2 Logical Reasoning Persuasion through Suggestions Make it FUN & Humorous Personalize your Relationship Use Positive Body Language Control the Presentation, Diplomatically Smile

Prospect’s Participation:

Prospect’s Participation Questions Product Use Visuals Demonstrations

Proof Statements:

Proof Statements Past Sales Proof Statements The Guarantee Testimonials Company Proof Results Independent Research Results

Visual Aids:

Visual Aids Increase Retention Reinforce the Message Reduce Misunderstandings Create a Unique & Lasting Impression Show that you are Professional

PowerPoint Presentation:

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