Building a Sales Staff


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Building a Sales Staff:

Building a Sales Staff

Think Like a Salesperson:

Think Like a Salesperson Ambitious Anxious Insecure Impatient

Think Like a Salesperson:

Think Like a Salesperson Independent Hard to Manager Lovable Indispensable

Think Like a Salesperson:

Think Like a Salesperson They’re just like us!

Classifying Salespeople:

Classifying Salespeople Rhino Success Jungle Animals Farm Yard Animals Real World Fired up Passing Time Tired Lost

Sales Compensation Plans and Strategies:

Sales Compensation Plans and Strategies Create a Budget A Bottom to Top Approach Create & Document How Much When What Qualifies Exceptions

Sales Compensation Plans:

Sales Compensation Plans Salary Salary + Commission Salary + Bonus Over Quota Commission Draw Against Commission

Recruiting Salespeople:

Recruiting Salespeople Competitors Referrals Pay Fees? Internet Job Boards Interns Media Ads Internal Promotion

Pre - Interview:

Pre - Interview Detailed Resume Completed Application Written goals References Include former employers

The Interview:

The Interview Prepare script For comparison Ask Probing Questions Listen Document Know the Answers

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