Why We Have Replaced Tin Roofs with Metal Roofs?

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The old tin roofs require more maintenance and last only 15-20 years, but metal roofs are made with galvalume coated metal that lasts for over 100+ years. Know more: https://bit.ly/3fzFUYq


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Do Modern Metal Roofs Last More Than Tin Roofs w w w . a l p h a r a i n . c o m

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With tin roofs and asphalt roofs you require higher maintenance with proper and time to time painting But metal roofs requires less repairs and maintenance as compare to these roofs. It also installed with modern galvalume coating that has paint warranty of 40- years. Metal Roofs VS. Tin Roofs Our company has replaced many of these roofs with metal roofing system in past 20 years. As it last for 100 more years whereas tin or asphalt roofs has average roof lifespan of 15-20 years and with proper maintenance painting it may last to 30-year.

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Modern Metal Roofing System As Metal roofing company we provide you durable substrates roofs that last so long with minimum maintenance. We also include a roof ventilation system that reduce attic air temperatures in the summer by as much as 50 degrees. +1 540-222-1642 brandyalpharain.com 15025 Jats Dr. Ste. 1 Brandy Station VA 22714 w w w . a l p h a r a i n . c o m Connect With Us