Why 4Ever Shingle Is Better Than Any Other Shingles?

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The high labor costs and difficult installation increases shingles cost but our 4Ever shingle is installed by the highly skilled crew and with lower labor cost. Reach us here: https://bit.ly/2XvYqd6


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Why 4Ever Shingle Is Better Than Any Other Shingles www.alpharain.com 0 1

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The 4Ever metal shingles were actually designed to compete with asphalt shingles cost-wise. It is available at the same price as asphalt due to highly trained crew as well as the very slow installation rate. In the market most of the shingles are of higher cost due to its difficult installation. 4Ever Metal Shingle 0 2

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The 4Ever metal shingle can keep pace with the asphalt installer in both skill level and labor cost. Installing it at a lower installation rate with 4 sides interlocking to provide amazing waterproofing wind preventation. Installation of 4Ever Shingles 0 3 " "

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0 4 Regular shingles that are available in the market will last 15-20 years only but our 4Ever Shingle has an amazing durability to last for over 100 years and it by apply coating to it lifespan increases to 50 more years. 4Ever Shingle Durability Comparison with Other Shingles

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Buying temporary asphalt roof that you will have to replace in 12 years or a permanent roof with 100 years of durability when both cost the same 0 5 4Ever Shingle Asphalt Shingle

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