How Does Galvalume Increases Metal Roof Shingles Life?

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The galvalume metal stays strong in all types of climates and when a coating is applied to this metal roof shingles life expectancy increases to over 180 years. Read more here:


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How Long Will Modern 4Ever Metal Roof Shingles Last W W W . A L P H A R A I N . C O M

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We have replaced many of the old tin roofs in past 20 years these roof are less durable has low life expectancy than metal shingles. tin roofs also requires more maintenance repairs as compare to modern metal shingle. Metal Shingles vs Tin Roof Installing Metal Shingles with 100 Years of Roof Life We manufacture new 4ever metal shingles with galvalume plated steel that lasts for 100+ years by applying coating to it. Also installation is done as per temperature humidity zones a better option than old tin roofs. F R E E E S T I M A T I O N H E R E

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Installation in made according to climatic condition PH balance level in the area. The higher the PH levels the lower the acidity in the precipitation. This increases the metal shingles roof life expectancy to twice more than old asphalt and tin roofs. To increase lifespan we include a our patented roof ventilation system can reduce attic air temperatures in the summer. A 4ever metal shingles is now available at same price asphalt. Why Metal Roof Shingles They Last So Long i n f o a l p h a r a i n . c o m 5 4 0 - 2 2 2 - 1 6 4 2 1 5 0 2 5 J a t s D r . S t e . 1 B r a n d y S t a t i o n V A 2 2 7 1 4 W W W . A L P H A R A I N . C O M